Types of Financial Aid

There are several sources of financial aid that might have different applications, eligibility requirements, and renewal standards.

  • Federal aid, including Pell Grant, is what students apply for when they complete the FAFSA each year.
  • Tennessee state aid is only available to Tennessee residents and includes merit-based aid like Hope Scholarship and TN Promise.
  • Scholarships can be awarded by ChattState, the Foundation, or various third-party donors and include merit- and need-based awards with various criteria.
  • Loans must be repaid with interest to the Department of Education regardless of whether students complete their degree.
  • Work Study programs require students to work on campus to receive payment.
  • TCAT aid is similar to the programs above, but only TCAT students qualify for these resources.

Federal Aid

Tennessee State Aid


Student Loans

Student Employment 

TCAT Students