Financial Aid - Important Dates

MAY 2023

05/01 - 05/17

FINAL disbursement - credit & TCAT


1st census disbursement (credit & TCAT)


Disbursement (TCAT only)

05/26 - 06/02

2nd bookstore charge period


JUNE 2023

6/2 Disbursement (TCAT only)

Disbursement (credit & TCAT - 30 day loan delay)


Disbursement (TCAT only)


Disbursement (credit & TCAT)

6/16 Disbursement (TCAT only)
6/23 Disbursement (credit & TCAT)

Final Disbursement Before Year End


JULY 2023

07/05 - 05/13

3rd bookstore charge period


Disbursement (TCAT only)


Disbursement (TCAT only)


Disbursement (credit & TCAT)

Pell Recalculation Date (all aid adjustments)


Disbursement (TCAT only)


FINAL disbursement - credit & TCAT


***TCAT disbursements will occur each Friday, unless preempted by balancing, holidays, or other college activities that prevent disbursement.

Disbursement & Deletion

  • Attendance: Students are not eligible for financial aid for classes they are not attending. If you are a TN Promise student and you only attend 9 credit hours, then you are likely ineligible for any TN Promise.
  • 1st and 2nd Sessions: Most financial aid for the full semester will be disbursed in the 1st Session, including financial aid for the 2nd Session. Students who withdraw or never attend their 2nd Session classes will be charged for the financial aid they received for those classes.
  • Financial Aid Requirements: Students who do not have all documents, requirements, and appeals submitted at least 30 days before the first payment and deletion date of each semester are expected to pay their tuition and fees or set up a payment plan.
  • Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Payments: Financial aid will be disbursed and reimbursed to eligible students once all eligibility requirements are submitted and processed.
  • Financial Aid Repayment: Students who receive financial aid payments and withdraw or stop attending might be required to repay all or a portion of their financial aid. Students cannot keep financial aid that is not earned through attendance and engagement in their classes.
  • Check Your TigerWeb & Email: Be sure to periodically check your TigerWeb account and your Chattanooga State email for important updates concerning your financial aid.


  • There is a 30 day delay for all first-time Loan borrowers.
  • TCAT Loan borrowers can receive their 2nd disbursement at the midpoint of the semester