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Demarquis Perkins, age 35

Engineering Technology Major

I am a Tennessee Reconnect recipient and it has helped change my life. My girlfriend and I moved to Tennessee about seven years ago because she received an amazing job offer (we got married when we moved here) and we did not know anyone here, or have any family in or near Tennessee. She recovers organs for transplant. Moving here, I did not know what I was going to do for work, especially without an education. I began by working at Mc Donald’s and picked up a second job to make ends meet. Working both jobs still did not come near what we needed to help raise a family. We already had a 12-year-old and were soon to have another child. Things were moving fine though; due to the fact my wife had a great job.

I received an amazing opportunity to work at a manufacturing company though a friend. He helped me get my foot in the door and I began work as a forklift driver. It was more pay than what I was making previously, but still less than what we needed; however, I was excited to help my family out more than I could before.

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