Financial Aid - Eligibility

  • In order to receive Financial Aid, students must be in a degree-seeking program such as Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, General Transfer, eligible Certificate program, or eligible TCAT program.
  • You Will Not Be Eligible For Aid If You Are Classified As "Special," "Transient," Or "Undecided."
  • Any necessary Program or Major changes must be made at the beginning of the semester. Contact the Records Office for additional information.
  • Students may receive Financial Aid for up to 30 remedial/developmental attempts (I's, E's, F's, W's, audits and letter grades count as attempts).
  • There is a lifetime limit for the Federal PELL Grant. Students eligible to receive the Federal PELL Grant may only receive PELL for an equivalent of 12 full-time semesters for their entire educational career. Students attending in a part-time status will receive a pro-rated amount, until their awards equal 12 full-time awards. Student's may check their PELL lifetime eligibility at (you will need your FSA ID)
  • Students cannot receive Federal Title IV financial aid for a 3rd repeat of a previously passed class. 
  • Students cannot receive Federal Title IV financial aid if they have past loans that are in DEFAULT. Check your loan status at (you will need your FSA ID)
  • Your schedule must be finalized by the 14th day of classes (census date).
  • Your financial aid cannot be increased after the 14th day of classes (census date). You will be responsible for payment of additional classes after this date.
  • You must be enrolled in at least six (6) eligible semester credit hours to be eligible for student loans and many scholarships. (TN Promise requires full-time enrollment at 12 credit hours)

You Must Officially Withdraw From Classes If You Do Not Plan To Attend

  • We accept your financial aid for you to confirm you in your classes, unless you are offered loans. Loans are offered in your TigerWeb and you must accept them. 
  • If you decide not to enroll at Chattanooga State, it is your responsibility to withdraw/drop ALL courses before the first day of the session to avoid any fee-related charges. 
  • If you fail to complete your classes for any reason, you may have to repay a portion of your funds.

Student Federal and State Financial Aid Award Provisions

  • The awards listed on the award letter are tentative offers based on full-time enrollment. Most financial aid awards are pro-rated based on number of credit hours the student is enrolled in each semester. If a student has received their excess financial aid check and drops or adds a class during the drop/add period, they will be responsible for the change in amount of monies owed. Financial aid funds will be adjusted to reflect actual enrollment after the drop/add period. (14th day of class - census date) 
  • Students must attend all classes for which they register. If a student withdraws on or after the first day of class, but never attends the class, that class will not count when calculating financial aid eligibility.​