Academic Service Scholarship

The Academic Service Scholarship Program provides students with valuable financial aid resources in exchange for academic accomplishment and a campus-based service obligation. Please review the policies below if you are a current recipient, expected recipient, or an applicant who would like to learn more about the program.

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Service Assignments

  • Academic Service recipients must check their Chattanooga State email accounts for their service assignments and contracts prior to each semester.
  • Check your TigerWeb to access your student email account.
  • Failure to check your service assignment and contact your supervisor will result in forfeiture and repayment of scholarship funds.
  • Service assignments are based on institutional availability and student major.
  • Service assignments are not based on student preference or request.

Award Payment

  • Academic Service pays after Tennessee Promise and can result in a refund provided to the student as a check or direct deposit.
  • The value of the award is equal to $25.33 per service hour.
  • Students who fail to complete their assigned service must repay the hourly value for each incomplete hour, and will be subject to forfeiture.

Award Renewal

  • Recipients must reapply to retain this award in their second year.
  • Students can receive Academic Service for 4 semesters.
  • Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA each term and cumulatively.