President’s Updates for the Campus Community

September 23, 2022

Published Friday, September 23, 2022 - 2:47pm

Dear Chattanooga State Community,

Next week is the last week of classes before Fall Break. For those of you in 7-week classes—finish strong!  If you are in a 15-week class you are in the midst of mid-terms,. Be sure to take advantage of all of our academic resources: tutoring, reading and writing center, or our math center. In addition, the library is an excellent resource for studying (individually or in groups), information, and computers.  

Take advantage of the resources that are here to help you accomplish your goals.

Rebecca Ashford, Ed.D.


Student Resources 


We have tons of resources to help you complete your goals from academic support to general support. Tutoring is an important service that can help you succeed in your classes. From writing to math tutoring and many subjects in between, we can help you pass or ace your classes.

We offer In-person and virtual tutoring to all students. Take advantage of this free resource.

For a complete list of student resources, visit the Student Resources page.

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