Tuition & Fees - Waivers and Discounts

Waiver & Fee Deadline Dates

General Requirements for Submitted Tuition Waivers & Discounts

To certify eligibility, Fee Waiver and Fee Discount forms must be completed for each semester in which the student is attending classes.

In order for a Waiver or Discount form to be accepted for the current semester, all students, including Financial Aid students, must submit their Waiver or Discount forms prior to or within the first two weeks of classes, and no later than the published Census date(s). (The Census date(s) for each semester are listed on the Academic Calendar, the Bursar's Calendar, and as noted here.

Incomplete Forms

An incomplete form will not be accepted and the Fee Waiver or Fee Discount will not be granted. (Examples of missing info...required signatures, date of birth, complete social security number, teachers certification number, etc...)

NOTE: Fee Waivers and Fee Discounts will not be processed for students who obtain signatures prior to the posted guidelines.

Audit Students Information

All Audit Students (including "Over 60" or "Permanently Disabled") taking classes at Chattanooga State Community College cannot register until the "first day" of the class. Fee Waiver/Fee Discount forms for auditing "Senior Adults", "Disabled", or "TBR System Employee" students, must be turned in on the first day of the Part-of-Term of their enrolled class(es), and no later than the published census date(s). See Waiver & Fee Deadline Dates.

State Employee Students Information

All State Employee Students (including "TBR" or "UT" employees) taking classes at Chattanooga State Community College cannot register until four (4) weeks prior to the first day of classes. Course enrollment will be permitted on a "space available" first-come-first-served basis. No tuition paying student shall be denied enrollment in a course because of state employee enrollments pursuant to this section. See Waiver & Fee Deadline Dates for registration dates and applicable Part-Of-Term.

Waiver and Fee - Discount Specific Information

(For specific information regarding a particular Fee Waiver or Fee Discount, the website links noted below are available.)

State Employees

Public School Teachers

Tennessee Board of Regents Employees

University of Tennessee (UT) System Employees

Veterans Dependents

Disabled and Elderly Persons (Section II.B.4.a)