Bursar's Important Dates

2020 Summer Semester


Dates By Which ALL Students
MUST PAY or Use Estimated Financial Aid





May 13, 2020
@ 5:30PM (ET)
(Deletion for Credit & TCAT Classes)

April 1, 2020 – “First Day” Fee Waivers and Fee Discount Forms Can Be Dated and Accepted for “2020 Summer Semester” – Please see below for detailed information.

May 31st​
@ 1:00PM (ET)
(On campus payments due)

May 29th
@ 4:30PM (ET)
(Deletion for Credit & TCAT Classes)

Late fee of $10.00 will be assessed beginning May 18, 2020.
Credit & TCAT Classes

June 18, 2020
@ 5:30PM (ET)
(Deletion for  TCAT Classes)

Friday, May 29, 2020
@ 4:30PM (ET) –

"LAST DAY" To Turn In "2020 Summer Semester" Fee Waivers or Fee Discount Forms –
Please see below for detailed information

June 29, 2020
@ 12:00PM (ET)
(Deletion for Credit & TCAT Classes)


July 19, 2020
@ 1:00PM (ET)
(On campus payments due by Friday)

July 17
@ 4:30PM ET)
(Deletion for Credit & TCAT Classes)


Before dropping/adding or withdrawing from class(es), review the Refund Dates & Policies located on the Bursar's webpage.

Financial Aid Students: Click here for steps to pay your fees using pending aid.