Child Development Center

We believe that all children are unique individuals, and our goal is to provide the best environment in which self-esteem, confidence, and pre-academic skills may flourish.

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The Child Development Center (CDC) is licensed through the Tennessee Department of Human Services with a three star rating. Children of Chattanooga State employees and students between six weeks of age and pre-kindergarten are eligible to attend.

The CDC utilizes developmentally appropriate practices for the infants and toddlers in its care with the goal of preparing these young children to be ready to enter school with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential for future success.

Students in the Early Childhood Education Department are strongly encouraged to complete their observations and practicum hours in the CDC. Additionally, an ECED faculty member annually serves on the Child Development Center Advisory Board and the CDC Director serves on the Early Childhood Advisory Board.

CDC Program

Ages: 6 weeks - 5 years old
Location - first floor of the Omniplex Building, Room 100
Hours - Mon-Fri (7:30 am - 5:30 pm) Children are enrolled on a full time basis. However, their daily schedules can change according to the availability of their parents.
Contact - 423-697-4412

Fee Schedule

Effective September 1, 2022

6 Weeks - 1 Year $975 per Month
1 - 2 Years $875 per Month
2 - 3 ½ Years $800 per Month
3 ½ Years and up $750 per Month

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Certificates & Scholarships Accepted by CDC

Ways to Apply

If you would like for your child’s name to be placed on our waiting list, please return the completed application and a $10 non-refundable application fee to the Child Development Center or apply online. If you have any questions please call 423-697-4412.


The philosophy of the Chattanooga State Child Development Center is based on meeting the developmental needs of children.  Caregivers emphasize the total development of the child, allowing them to progress at their own pace in a developmental sequence.  We believe that all children are unique individuals, and our goal is to provide the best environment in which self-esteem, confidence, and pre-academic skills may flourish.  The environment is arranged to stimulate positive communication and emotional, social, and physical development.  Environmental design is based on the following beliefs:

  1. Play is a child’s way of learning and working.
  2. Children are naturally curious and eager to learn, and they learn best when they are able to follow their own interests in learning.
  3. Children grow and develop at different rates. That rate at which developmental milestones are met may be distinct from that of any other child.
  4. Children learn from each other; they learn achievement, responsibility, decision-making, and respect for themselves and others.
  5. An early childhood teacher’s role is to help children value cultural, racial, and socioeconomic diversity as well as gender differences and special needs in family backgrounds.
  6. The development of self-reliance, competence and initiative is encouraged in a supportive atmosphere of trust and structured freedom.


We have a very highly qualified and caring staff. All employees have passed a background check which is required by the State of Tennessee. Staff members are:

  • CDA certified or holds an Associate or Bachelor degree
  • trained in C.P.R. and first aid
  • attend additional training throughout the year to keep current with trends and ideas in childcare​