Campus Police

Chattanooga State cares about the security of everyone who uses our campus and is committed to providing a safe environment. In this spirit, we have engaged a professional and well-trained Police Department. The Chattanooga State Police Department (CSPD) is responsible for ensuring that a safe and secure environment exists in order to support the College's educational mission. CSPD provides services to the campus community in a respectful, knowledgeable, and skillful manner, with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, dignity, equity and fairness.

All members of the Campus Police Department are entitled to the cooperation and respect of all individuals on campus.  Campus Police may request that persons on Chattanooga State property identify themselves by name and address, present an identification card, and indicate what connection they have with the College or campus.  For persons who are not members of the Chatt. State community and have no legitimate business on campus, Campus Police may require that they leave the campus.

Students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to immediately report all criminal actions and emergencies on campus to CSPD.  Public access telephones are available specifically for emergency use at various locations around campus.  Additionally, the campus community is encouraged to call CSPD for assistance with first aid in minor medical situations.  Campus Police officers have received CPR certification and defibrillator training.  If the designated officers are not available or the situation is an acute emergency, outside emergency help may be requested by calling 9-911 from on-campus phones or 911 from non-campus phones.  If 911 is called, the ill/injured individual is responsible for all fees.

Generally, the campus is closed after 10:30 p.m.  Should a special group have permission to be on campus after that time, the group’s supervisor is responsible for implementing emergency procedures.


24-hour phone: 423-595-3651
Office phone:  423-697-4467
Office location:  MTC-120​


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The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (2000) is federal legislation that requires all sex offenders who must register with the State to also provide notice of enrollment or employment at any institution of higher education.  Upon notification to the State, the TN Bureau of Investigation alerts the Chattanooga State Police Department. See the TBI website for more information.

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