Music Department

The comprehensive music program is designed to meet the educational requirements of students, whether they are preparing to earn a music degree, interested in private instruction for a specific instrument, or seeking to fulfill general education credits. The A.F.A. degree (Associate of Fine Arts) prepares students to transfer to a four-year music program with the intent of pursuing a bachelor’s in music.  All music courses at Chattanooga State are open to all students regardless of their program of study.

New Students

Welcome to the Chattanooga State Music Department.  If you are a new student or new to our program, please complete the Music Placement Test Once completed, a music faculty member will be assigned as your advisor and will assist with the next step in becoming a Music Major.


Scholarships are awarded annually to recognize both excellence in musical performance and academic achievement. For more information, please call the Music Department Head at (423) 697-2460.



Jazz Piano, Piano: David Walters, M.M.


Classical Guitar: Alejandro Olson, M.M.
Classical Guitar: Ken Cardillo, Ph.D.

Winds & Percussions

Percussion: David Pedigo, B.M.
French Horn: Gordon James, M.M.
Tuba & Euphonium: Jordan Pitner, B.S.



Digital Audio Production

Production: Stephen Brannen, M.M.