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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment provides high school students with a unique opportunity to jump-start their college education. High school students take college courses, and the credit earned is applied to both a high school diploma and a college degree. Students can attend college classes during the regular school day on their school campus, at any ChattState campus, and online. The ideal dual enrollment student is mature, responsible, and college level according to standardized test scores. Click here to apply.

Dual Enrollment Grant

Grant Application Process

  1. Create an account.
    • Click “Register”
    • Click “Create a Log In”
  2. Log in.
  3. Accept the agreement.
    • Click “Apply” in the top left corner of the screen.
    • Click the "Dual Enrollment Grant 2023-2024" link
    • Click “I Understand”
    • Click “Dual Enrollment Grant”
  4. Fill out the information completely.
  5. Choose “Chattanooga State Community College” as the institution.
  6. Submit the form (and save the confirmation letter for future reference.)


Grant Eligibility

  • any high school Junior or Senior
  • who legally resides in Tennessee
  • and who maintains a GPA of 2.8 or higher, and who receives a recommendation from the school.
  • Full details of eligibility can be found at TN Dual Enrollment Grant


Grant Details


Grant Funds

Costs to Students

Course 1 - 5


book costs

Courses 6 -10
(3 Hours)


$243 & book costs

Dual Enrollment - Directions

Online Application Directions

  1. Click Here
  2. Scroll down and click on "Complete Online Admissions Application".
  3. Click "Apply For Admission".
  4. Click "Create an account". Create a Login ID and a PIN. You will want to remember this for future reference, so write it down.
  5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and choose "Dual Enrollment/Early College" as your Application Type.
  6. Select the term that you wish to begin dual enrollment courses and enter your name.
  7. Click on each section of the application checklist and fill out all questions fully.
  8. When a checkmark appears beside all checklist items, click "Application is Complete"
  9. Agree to the terms.
  10. You will receive a confirmation email in 1-2 business days with your student ID number.
ACCUPLACER Test Directions

Register for the ACCUPLACER Test

  1. Register here.
  2. Choose the "PLACEMENT" group.
  3. Choose the exam you wish to take. (Writing, Reading, or Math)
  4. Choose a date / time for your exam.
  5. Enter your information.
    • Your “A" number should have come in an email from ChattState.


Test Location (Bring a valid state-issued photo ID and know your “A” Number.)


Main Campus

MC building, room122


Dayton Site


Kimball Site

Math Challenge Test Directions

In order to take Pre-Calculus Algebra (MATH 1710) or College Algebra (MATH 1130), students must demonstrate ACT scores of 19 in Reading and 22 in Math. If a student is already college level in reading and math, but does not have an ACT score of 22 in Math, they will need to pass the "MATH 1030 Challenge" exam in order to place into MATH 1710 or 1130.

The "MATH 1030 Challenge" exam is taken online. After the exam, students can improve their scores by working through the assigned Study Paths until they reach the minimum required score of 80.


Who Qualifies for MATH 1030 Challenge?

Any student who places at college-level (DSPM 4) in MATH through mandatory placement (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer) or alternative qualifying measures (HS, GPA, SAILS Math, mandatory placement exemption) is eligible to take the MATH 1030 Challenge Test.


Registration Instructions for MATH 1030 Challenge

  1. Click here and create an account using your ChattState email and password.
  2. Choose “MATH 1030 Challenge Registration”.
  3. Click on an available slot.
  4. Enter the required information.
  5. Create Appointment.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email upon creating the account. This email will contain a link to the EdReady site used to take the test, as well as login information.
  7. Follow the instructions to begin your exam.
  After you have achieved the required score of 80 or higher, contact Dr. Edward Nichols to request a registration permit. Please include your ChattState "A" number and the CRN of the course you wish to take (MATH 1130 or MATH 1710).

Dual Enrollment - Schools / Courses

Necessary College Test Scores
  • Reading
    - ACT score: 19
    - Equivalent Accuplacer Score: 250
  • English / Writing
    - ACT score: 18
    - Equivalent Accuplacer Score: 250
  • Math
    - ACT score: 19
    - Equivalent Accuplacer Score: 250
Popular Early College Courses & Their ACT Score Requirements



ACT Requirement


Intro to Art

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Fundamentals of Communication

  • College Level English
  • Reading


College Success



Composition 1

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Composition 2

  • Pass ENGL 1010
    w/ C or higher


Early United States History

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Modern United States History

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Computer Applications

  • College Level English
  • Reading


College Algebra

  • College Level Reading
  • Math ACT Score = 22 or higher


Intro to Statistics

  • College Level English
  • Reading
  • Math


Pre-calculus Algebra

  • College Level Reading
  • Math ACT Score = 22 or higher


  • Pre-calculus Trigonometry
  • Math ACT Score = 24 or higher
  • Reading ACT Score = 19 or higher


  • Pass MATH 1710 w/ C or higher


Calculus 1

  • Math ACT Score = 26 or higher
  • Reading ACT Score = 19 or higher


  • Pass MATH 1720 w/ C or higher.


Intro to Music

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Science of Fitness & Wellness

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Walking for Fitness



Intro to Psychology

  • College Level English
  • Reading


Intro to Sociology

  • College Level English
  • Reading
Early College Courses Traditionally Offered at High Schools
  • Bledsoe County HS
    ENGL1010, MATH 1530, MATH 1710, Online Courses
  • Brainerd HS
    ENGL1010, ENGL 1020, MATH 1530, College Success
  • Center for Creative Arts
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020 MATH 1710, MATH 1720, MATH 1530, MATH 1920
  • Central HS
    ENGL1010, ENGL1020, MATH 1530
  • East Hamilton HS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, PSYC 1030, MATH 1530
  • East Ridge HS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, PSYC 1030, MATH 1530, MATH 1130, College Success
  • Girls Leadership Academy
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, PHED 1110
  • Grundy County HS
    HIST 2020, Various Online Options
  • Howard HS
    ENGL 1010, MATH 1530, HIST 2020, PE 230, COMM 2025, College Success
  • Hixson HS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020
  • Ivy Academy
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, HIST 2010, HIST 2020, Online Courses
  • Marion County HS
    Courses offered at ChattState Kimball Site and Online
  • Notre Dame HS
    ENGL1010, ENGL 1020, MATH 1710 MATH 1530, HIST 2010
  • Ooltewah HS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, PSYC 1030, MATH 1530, COMM 2020
  • Red Bank HS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, MATH 1530
  • Rhea County HS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, MATH 1710, MATH 1910, MATH 1530, MATH 1720
  • Richard Hardy
    Courses offered at ChattState Kimball Site
  • Sale Creek MHS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, MATH 1530, MATH 1130, HIST 2010, HIST 2020
  • Sequatchie County HS
    ENGL1010, MATH 1530, MATH 1710, MATH 1720, and Online Courses
  • Signal Mountain MHS
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020,  MATH 1130, MATH 1710, MATH 1530, HIST 2010, HIST 2020, PSYC 1030
  • South Pittsburg HS
    MATH 1530 and Courses offered at Kimball Site and Online
  • Tyner Academy
    ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, Online Courses
  • Whitwell HS
    ENGL 1010 and Courses offered at Kimball Site or Online