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COVID-19 Information

Chattanooga State is currently operating with unlimited campus access and masks are optional when indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Man sitting on bed blowing his nose.

Help Protect Your Community: Stay Home If You Don't Feel Well

Stay home if you have these symptoms: fever/chills, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, body/muscle aches, headache, fatigue. Inform your instructor or supervisor that you need to stay home.


Are masks required this fall? 

The Tennessee General Assembly has passed the Omnibus COVID Bill (HB9077/SB9014), which goes into effect on November 13, or upon the Governor’s signature, whichever comes sooner.

In order to comply with the Omnibus Bill, Chattanooga State will lift its mask requirement as of Saturday, November 13. As of this date, no one is required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status; however, anyone who wishes to wear a mask may do so.

Where can I get a mask on campus?

There is a box of disposable masks in every division office as well as lobbies campus wide.

If you cannot find a box, contact your professor.

Please take only 1 mask at a time.

Will space be available on campus to take my virtual class if a student has both hybrid and virtual classes or if a student doesn’t have access to technology? 

Yes. The following options will be available during the fall semester:

  • The library will be open and computers will be available for homework and online/virtual class attendance. Click here for more information, updates, and hours.
  • Engineering and IT students will have access to Rooms 215 and 216 in the Wacker Institute on a first come, first served basis.
  • TCAT students will have access to TCAT 60 and TCAT 38 computer labs. Please note, these labs may be closed for testing purposes a few times per week. You should confirm hours of operation with your TCAT instructors.
  • Additional space may be made available as the need arises.
What do I need to do on the first day for virtual classes since I will not be going to campus to take the class?

For virtual classes, at your scheduled class date and time, log-in to eLearn to join your class. The eLearn portal will be open prior to the first day of classes to allow time for you to familiarize yourself with the log-in process. Additional information about eLearn, as well as TN eCampus, can be found here.

Is the bookstore open?

Yes. The bookstore is open daily from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. The bookstore will be observing all recommended health guidelines, and a mask is recommended. Click here for additional information.

Will I be able to borrow a laptop or digital device this fall like I was able to do in the spring?

Yes. Complete the Technology Request form available here. A limited number of devices are available for check out.  Devices will be assigned on a first request, first served basis. A valid Chattanooga State student ID is required to request a device. This is a loaned device and must be returned at the end of the semester.