Each semester, all students seeking a degree are required to meet with their academic advisor BEFORE Registering for classes.


Find Your Academic Advisor

  1. Login to Degree Works using your Tiger Web username and password.
  2. Locate your Major and Academic Advisor under the Tiger Degree Audit heading.
  3. Then click on your advisor's name from the list below to schedule an advising appointment.

NOTE: Transient, Non-Degree Seeking, & TCAT students are not assigned to an Academic Advisor. Registration PINs are emailed to transient and non-degree seeking students when they are admitted to the college. TCAT students should contact TCAT for registration information.

Contact Your Advisor

Schedule with Anna Kent

Schedule with Brandon Hines

Schedule with Demetria Smith

Schedule with Helen Knight

Schedule with Jade Pierce

Schedule with Kellie Graves

Schedule with Kendra Veal

Schedule with Kyle Summers

Schedule with Lindsey Morgan

Schedule with Rhonda McWhorter

Schedule with Roni Abraham

Schedule with Stracee Jones

Schedule with Trevor Hill

Schedule with Tiffany Scruggs

Schedule with Vicki Duncan

Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor and where can I find him/her?

Your advisor's name is posted on your TigerWeb account. Using the instructions on the login screen, log into your account and your advisor's name will be listed in the center of your home page. Then go to "People Finder" which is located in the bottom right corner of your TigerWeb home page under Quick Links.

Do I have to see my assigned advisor?

Students are assigned to advisors based on their major and where they are in their degree program. For the best possible career and course information, you need to see your assigned advisor. If you change your major, you will be assigned a new advisor from your new division.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I meet with my advisor?

Yes. You need to bring all documents, such as an Educational or Academic Plan if you already have one and any other related documents that you may have received in a prior session. We recommend that you keep all of your advising materials together in one folder, along with a sheet of paper to write down questions as they come to mind. If you are a new or transfer student, please bring copies of your college transcripts.

What is the difference between an AA, AS and an AAS degree?

The Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate of Science (AS) degrees are designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year institution. An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is designed to prepare students for immediate employment in a specialized area.

What Chattanooga State classes will transfer to four-year colleges/universities in Tennessee?

On the Advising web page, there is a transfer equivalency table that will tell you course for course what classes transfer to many state colleges and universities. For institutions not listed on this table, you will need to check the catalog of the intended transfer school and consult with an advisor at that school. Be sure to discuss your transfer plans with your assigned advisor.

How many credit hours are considered fulltime?

Twelve (12) credit hours are considered fulltime. Keep in mind, college students should spend 2 to 3 hours per week outside of class (reading, studying, writing, and preparing) for every hour they are in class. That means, a student carrying 12 credit hours can expect to spend 24 to 36 hours of studying outside of class plus the 12 hours they are in class - that's why it is called "fulltime!"

What is an Educational Plan or Academic Plan?

The educational or academic plan is completed with your advisor and outlines the courses you will need to take in future semesters in order to graduate. To make changes to your plan, contact your advisor directly.

I have questions about my major/career. Who do I need to see?

Your assigned advisor will help you with questions about your major. The Career Services and Counseling provides weekly career information sessions, and offers inventories and counseling services to help you decide on a career.

Can I double major?

A double major at Chattanooga State is only available in AAS degree programs. All requirements for each major must be met. The second major must include at least 20 hours not applied to the first major.

What can I do if I am having academic problems in class?

The first line of contact should be with the instructor; instructor and advisor before dropping a class. It is also advisable to check with Financial Aid and determine how dropping a class might affect your aid. If a decision is made to proceed with the drop, students can drop college level courses in their TigerWeb account.

Where do I go to drop my class?

Students should talk with their instructor and advisor before dropping a class. It is also advisable to check with Financial Aid and determine how dropping a class might affect your aid. If a decision is made to proceed with the drop, students can drop the course in their TigerWeb account.

Do I need to reapply for admission if I have previously attended classes at Chattanooga State?

A student previously enrolled at Chattanooga State who did not attend the immediate preceding term (summer excluded) must submit an application for readmission to the Enrollment Services Office. This can be completed online, in person, or by mail.

How is the grade point average (GPA) calculated?

Based on the 4.0 Scale

  • A = 4 quality points
  • B = 3 quality points
  • C = 2 quality points
  • D = 1 quality point
  • F = 0 quality points

Example of Calculating Your "Quality Points"

  • A(4) x 3 credit hours = 12 quality points
  • A(4) x 4 credit hours = 16 quality points
  • B(3) x 2 credit hours = 6 quality points
  • C(2) x 3 credit hours = 6 quality points

40 quality points divided by 12 credit hours = 3.33 GPA

You can use our GPA calculator as well.


Where do I get information for my distance education classes?

The Center for Distributed Education conducts orientation sessions for online/hybrid courses Student eLearn Orientation. For additional information you can call the CDE at 423-697-4408, 423-697-2592 or the Desire to Learn Helpline at 1-888-298-8566.