October 10th, 2022

Dear Chattanooga State Community,

I hope you were able to relax and recharge for your Fall Break and are ready to finish the year strong!

If you’re new to campus this year, welcome!

October is advising month. It’s an excellent time to reconnect with your advisor about the semester or classes you are working on. It’s also a great time to start planning for your spring courses and get the best selection of courses. To register later this month, you must have a PIN; you will need to meet with your advisor to get your PIN.

To celebrate our advisors and to help you get to know them better, we are continuing to feature a few of our advisors each week during the month of October. Continue reading to learn more about Demetria Smith, Roni Abraham, Stracee Jones, and Jade Pierce.

Meet Your Advisors

Demetria SmithDemetria Smith, Nursing & Allied Health Advisor

Demetria has been advising students at ChattState since 2013. She is also an instructor for College Success. Before Demetria joined us, she had been a financial aid counselor for several years at UTC (2004–2007).

What are your best tips for success?

1. Use the resources that ChattState provides to help you be successful.

2. Use the 2 for 1 rule for studying: plan to study two hours for each one hour of class time (depends on the class).

What is your favorite way to spend your day off?

I love to spend time with my family, reading and travel. Traveling is my most favorite thing in the world, so much that I recently became a certified Travel Agent.

What inspires you?
“Travel brings Power and Love back into your life.” -Rumi


Roni AbrahamRoni Abraham, Math & Science Advisor

Roni has been advising at ChattState for 11 years. He has a degree in Finance & Economics and worked as a financial planner for 10 years before he joined our team.






Stracee JonesStracee Jones, Social & Behavioral Sciences Advisor

Stracee has been an advisor for ChattState for five years.

What are your best tips for success?

1. Ask all of your questions even when you’re nervous.
2. Read all of the instructions.
3. Look at things how they are not how you want them to be.
4. This isn’t high school; you have to study and study more consistently.

What inspires you?

1. The ability to create joy and live through the lens of joy.
2. What is your favorite way to spend your day off?

3. Traveling with friends and family.


Jade PierceJade Pierce, Nursing & Allied Health Advisor

Jade has been an advisor since July 2020. She has been with the college for seven years and gained experience across the campus: Financial Aid, Enrollment Services Center, and a Success Coach. This experience is a valuable tool as Jade advises not just about what classes to take next but how to succeed in college.

What is your best study tip?
Use the 25/5 method or the "pomodoro technique" to study. Before you study, decide what you want to accomplish and break your work into 25-minute intervals. Set a timer for 25 minutes and start studying. After 25 minutes, take a short 5 to 10-minute break. Repeat.

What inspires you?
Graduations inspire me. I get very emotional when I think about how hard each graduate worked to get where they are. It’s so inspiring to see students reach their goals.



Student Spotlight

McKenna HayesMcKenna Hayes

Chattanooga State Volleyball standout McKenna Hayes has been honored as the National Junior College Athletic Association Offensive Player of the Week.
Hayes, who played basketball and volleyball at East Hamilton High School, led the Tigers to big wins recently by scoring 13 aces in one set and collecting 16 aces for an entire match.
Altogether, she had 20 aces and 42 kills for the week, earning her the national honor. Read More.







Student Resources


We have tons of resources to help you complete your goals from academic support to general support. Tutoring is an important service that can help you succeed in your classes. From writing to math tutoring and many subjects in between, we can help you pass or ace your classes.

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Rebecca Ashford, Ed.D.