Mental Health Technician

Topic & Clock Hours

History of Mental Illness (1.25 hr)
Current Mental Health Care Systems (1.25 hr)
Ethical Legal Issues (1.25 hr)
Sociocultural Issues (1.25 hr)
Principles of Mental Health Care - parts 1 & 2 (5 hr)
Principles of Mental Health Care - part 2 (5 hr)
Mental Health Assessment Skills (3 hr)
Therapeutic Communication - parts 1 & 2 (4 hr)
Therapeutic Relationships (3 hr)
The Therapeutic Environment - parts 1 & 2 (5 hr)
Problems of Childhood (3 hr)
ADHD & Intervention Specifics (2 hr)
Problems of Adolescence & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)
Problems of Adulthood & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)
Problems of Late Adulthood & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)
Managing Anxiety & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)

1st Clinical Day 5

Dissociative Disorders & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)
Anger and Aggression & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)
Substance-Related Disorders & Intervention Specifics (5 hr)

2nd Clinical Day 5

Skills Review, Skills Exam & Final Exam (5 hr)
Final Exam Review (5 hr)

3rd Clinical Day (5 hr)
4th Clinical Day (5 hr)

Skills Review, Skills Exam & Final Exam (5 hr)
Comprehensive Final Exam (5 hr)

5th Clinical Day (5 hr)
6th Clinical Day (5 hr)
7th Clinical Day (5 hr)
8th Clinical Day (5 hr)
9th Clinical Day (5 hr)

Employment Stats

About Program

Mental Health Technician Flyer

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) Chattanooga Mental Health Technician certificate program is designed for anyone who has an interest in working as an entry-level technician in the mental health field. The class is 135 clock hours in length and students will attend Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (4:30 to 9:30 p.m.) for nine weeks. Eighteen of the class meetings will be lecture/lab sessions (5 hours each) and nine meetings will be clinical observations (5 hours each) at several mental health facilities in the area. Program fees are based on number of hours. Tennessee residents may apply for state aid (Wilder-Naifeh or Tennessee Reconnect) to help pay the tuition and fees ( Students who live outside of Tennessee will have to pay out-of-pocket for the course, as the program is not eligible for PELL or student loans.

Expected Earnings

  • $21,730 – $27,620 per year
  • $10 – $13 per hour


Program fees are based on number of hours.

TCAT Special Fees

Charged in Addition to Maintenance and Tuition

  • Credit by Examination Fee - The regular course fee is charged for each special examination and must be paid prior to taking the examination. Non-refundable. (See Academic Regulations.)
  • Credit for Life Experience Fees - Assessment Fee for Experiential Learning $45.00.  Experiential Learning Credit $15.00 per credit hour in excess of 3.0 credit hours. $90.00 maximum.
  • High School Equivalency Test (Hi-SET) - $75
  • Placement Test Fees - ACT - $45.00. (Refer to Admissions Policy.)

Career Opportunities

Public Inpatient Mental Health Facilities
Private Inpatient Mental Health Facilities