Mechatronics Technology A.A.S.

Mechatronics Technology A.A.S.


Mechatronics integrates the fields of mechanical, electrical, robotics, controls and computer engineering to optimize the functionality of modern engineering systems.

This concentration has two specialization tracks which have a foundation in electrical and mechanical technology. The Automation Mechatronics track balances mechanical, electrical, and automation coursework for students interested in pursuing careers in mult-craft maintenance and troubleshooting, engineering services, and equipment installation. The Electrical and Instrumentation track emphasizes programmable logic control (PLC), motor control, and instrumentation and calibration for students interested in pursuing a career as a PLC programmer, control systems technician, and Instrumentation and calibration technician.

Graduation / Enrollment Data

2019-2020 Graduates: 14
Fall 2020 Enrollment: 39