Marketing Service Guidelines

Marketing Contact Personnel

Contact any Marketing and Communications staff member at 697-3114 in CBIH-221

Christopher Lykins, Interim Director

Heidi Cawood, Coordinator, Social Media & Multimedia Production

Hunter Longley, Coordinator, Web Services

Betty Proctor, Specialist, Public Information/Communication & Photography

John PhillipsSpecialist, Graphic Design


The Chattanooga State Marketing & Communications Department's chief responsibility is to assist the recruitment and retention efforts of the College. This is done by aggressively promoting Chattanooga State's programs, services and exemplary faculty and staff, in a variety of creative, innovative ways.



The College is mandated by TBR to keep an accurate report describing the cost, purpose and quantity of all publications, submitted annually in July. A legal AA/EEO statement must be included on all publications that states that Chattanooga State does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, age, status as a protected veteran, genetic information, or any other legally protected class in its programs and activities.



All services require  work order* to be submitted electronically along with any copy or images needed to complete the job. All copy must be submitted in Microsoft Word. The designers job is to place the content into a Desktop Publishing software, i.e., Quark or InDesign. No publisher files accepted! They will then add artwork and design a piece that meets the specifications of the requester. All content should be edited, spell-checked and corrected prior to submission to marketing. Any corrections found upon proofing of the designed piece will be corrected by the designer. On average, most jobs require a minimum of two weeks to complete; from submission - to design of document - to proof - to print or posting. Any request that is submitted without the 2-week requirement must be discussed with and approved by the Director of Marketing.

  • Access Marketing’s work order link here


  • Ads must be approved by Marketing and Communications.
  • Ads are generally used to aid recruitment efforts and special programs of the College.
  • Ads require an EEO statement to ensure legality.
  • Required design/proof time: 2-3 weeks prior to deadline

Business Cards

  • In general, Chattanooga State business cards will be issued to faculty, administration, and professional staff employees.
  • Clerical support staff personnel may request cards if approved by their vice president.
  • Business card request forms require routing to your dean or vice president and human resources before they are designed in Marketing.
  • Required design/proof time: 1 week

Access the Business card request form here

Campus Directory

  • Due to rising costs, the printed version of the campus phone directory evolved into an electronic one.
  • Directory changes are made by the directory administrator in Marketing & Communications.
  • Titles & departments are supplied by Human Resources 
  • Employees or department secretaries must supply phone numbers and office locations.
  • Photos of employees are strongly encouraged to help other employees, students and community members locate campus personnel.
  • Photos are taken by appointment only
  • Required time: 2 days to 2 weeks

Class Schedule & College Catalog

  • The schedule of credit classes and college catalog is no longer printed but can be found online. These two publications are maintained and updated jointly by Academic Affairs, Computer Services, and Marketing.
  • Access the class schedule link here
  • Access the catalog link here

Design Services

  • All printed material and Web graphics are designed in Marketing, including:
    • Brochures / booklets / handbooks / viewbooks
    • Flyers / table cards / bookmarks
    • Posters / banners / billboards / logos / ads
    • Signage / business cards / forms
    • Web banners / Web pages
  • All printed materials designed for distribution purposes must include an EEO statement and publication number generated by the Marketing staff for legal purposes / TBR mandated.
  • Print materials are generally used to aid recruitment and retention related efforts.
  • Graphic standards to promote the quality and consistency of college publications are enforced.
  • Required design/proof time: 2-5 weeks

Letterhead and Envelopes

  • All departments and personnel are expected to use approved College letterhead and envelopes for official correspondence.
  • Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the College president.
  • Letterhead and envelopes may be purchased in the print shop.

Logos - ChattState & others

  • The Chattanooga State logo, seal and other logos are designed in Marketing.
  • The logo is copyrighted and may not be altered in any way.
    • The logo is available in ai, jpg, eps, and pdf formats.
    • The logo was designed for various uses in CMYK, Pantone Colors and Black.
  • Special logos for programs, campus organizations or clubs may be requested via a work order.
  • Required design/proof time: 2-4 weeks

Media Bank

  • Marketing and Communications provides and maintains electronic versions of material for use by the campus and community. The following items are available on the website:
    • Chattanooga State Logos (all acceptable versions)
    • Chattanooga State Athletics Logo
    • Chattanooga State Seal

News Releases & Public Service Announcements

  • Marketing and Communications personnel prepare and distribute news releases to local news media.
    • Local media may include newspapers, online news services, radio and television.
  • New programs and newsworthy items may be promoted by special arrangement with local media.
  • All news releases are posted online on the ChattState website in the News Center.
  • Required writing/proof time: 2-4 weeks


  • Maintaining a pictorial history of the college is a function of the Marketing and Communication department.
  • Campus / student photos also are used to promote the College in printed publications and on the Web site.
  • Campus Directory photos may be scheduled anytime by appointment in the Marketing office.
  • Classroom, program or activity photos require advance scheduling.
  • Required scheduling time for photos: 2-4 weeks

Promotional Items

  • Marketing and Communications has a limited number of inexpensive items for giveaways at events.
  • Promotional items containing the College logo include pens, pencils, lunch bags, notepads, water bottles, etc.
  • Promotional items for special events may be requested with advance notice. Budgeting for these items must be discussed with the Director of Marketing and Communications.
  • Required design/proof/shipping time: 4-6 weeks

Social Networking

  • Marketing and Communications promotes the College most commonly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the website.
  • Requests to publicize events, meetings, photos, etc., must be submitted by work order.
  • All college-related social media accounts must be approved by Marketing.
  • Required time to post: 2 days to 1 week

Special Events

  • The coordinator of Special Events & Publications will provide assistance in planning your successful special event.
  • Factors to consider:
    • Your budget for the event
    • Food at event
    • Photography
    • Design
    • Promote event on electronic sign, Web site, digital billboards, posters or flyers
    • Directional signage
    • Printed invitations or E-vites
    • Banners
    • Promotional item
    • Gift bags for speakers or VIPs
  • Required scheduling time for events: 4-8 weeks


  • Marketing and Communications can help departments promote their programs or events by shooting and editing videos for electronic placement.
  • Required scheduling/placement time: 2-4 weeks

Web Site

  • The College's Web site is a marketing tool for prospective students. Tigerweb is an informational resource for current students and faculty. The Daily Bengal is an informational resource for faculty and staff.
  • The coordinator of Web Services authorizes requests and assures that posts are completed as requested.
  • Some departments have a Web liaison, known as a Content Contributor, who is the subject matter expert for their area and maintains that area’s Web page.
  • Required completion time: 2-3 weeks