February 14th, 2023

Dear Chattanooga State Community,

Whether you are in 7-week classes or 15-week classes, now is an excellent time to review your goals. Last week I talked about using the calendar to help keep you on track with projects and other things that are due on a particular day. This week I wanted to talk about setting goals. Many of you may have a goal of finishing the semester, or a class, or graduating—those are excellent goals! Let’s dig into how you can help make sure you meet those goals.

The best tip I’ve seen for setting goals is the SMART method.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

Let’s dig into each of these a bit around a goal of finishing a class. For this example, the goal is to finish English Composition.

Specific - Your goals should identify exactly what you want to accomplish with as much detail as possible. If you have a goal of finishing a class, be as specific as possible and name the exact class as part of your goal. For instance, Finish English Composition.

Measurable - Your goal should have a way that you can measure if you are on track. If we stick with the goal of finishing English composition, we can measure if we are on track by including a grade in the goal. For example, Finish English Composition with a grade of a B. At midterms, if your grade is below a B, you will know you need to adjust something to meet your goal.

Achievable - Your goal should be something that challenges you, but that you can attain. When thinking about this part of a goal, consider barriers that are out of your control that may affect your ability to achieve your goal. Finish English Composition with a grade of a B is an attainable grade if you consider what you need to do to achieve the grade. Read the syllabus of the professor’s expectations, check due dates, and get help as needed from tutors, fellow classmates, or the professor.

Relevant - Ask yourself is this goal worthwhile? If the answer is yes, then your goal is relevant. If your ultimate goal is to finish a program or a class, then achieving a B in the class is a relevant goal.

Time-based - A time-based goal will include a deadline to complete the goal. If you are aiming for a B in the class this semester, then your goal would be Finish English Composition with a B by May 2023 (or March 2023 if it is a 7-week class).


Setting effective goals is an important step in helping you achieve academic success. If you need help in setting your goals, we’re here to help. You can find guidance in goal setting by scheduling an appointment with your academic advisor or your professor.


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We have tons of resources to help you complete your goals from academic supportto general support. Tutoring is an important service that can help you succeed in your classes. From writing to math tutoring and many subjects in between, we can help you pass or ace your classes.

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For a complete list of student resources, visit the Student Resources page.


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Rebecca Ashford, Ed.D.