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Fall 2020 Update

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Fall 2020 Instructional Plan


virtual class iconVirtual courses are held online at a scheduled time. Virtual course students won’t come to campus to take their class. Instead, they will simply log into the course online at the time specified for class to begin. Courses will use a video conferencing service such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or WebEx to deliver live, in-real-time, instruction. Specific class dates and times can be chosen by students in advance from the fall course schedule.


online class iconOnline courses do not meet on a certain day or at a certain time. They are taught completely through the Chattanooga State learning management system (LMS) and can be viewed any time after the instructor has posted them. Simply log in, receive instruction, and work at any time.


hybrid class iconHybrid courses will be taught part Online or Virtual, and part on-campus. The on-campus instruction will be limited primarily to programs that require a strong hands-on component that cannot be delivered in a virtual environment. Dates for on-campus instruction will be listed in the course's syllabus or learning management system.