April 8, 2022

Dear Chattanooga State Community,
This week’s Campus Communication begins with a special message from Chattanooga State student Zennia Nesmith, who was recently named TBR Community College Student of the Year.

As I prepare for my graduation from Chattanooga State and transfer to UTC, there are a few things I would like to share with you. First, I have been afforded many opportunities while here at Chattanooga State. Some internally on ChattState’s campus and some in the broader community and even internationally. These past two months have been the culmination of all these opportunities which has shifted my perspective and the way I look at our campus.

Active on Campus
I have been active on the campus of Chattanooga State for about 18 months (about 1 and a half years). It all started with a conversation between me and my academic advisor. In this conversation, she asked me about my goals and what I planned to do when I graduated. I told her, and we started moving closer to that goal from that moment. I accepted responsibilities that went past my obligations as a student. I was a part of things that I didn’t know anything about; I learned more as I went. It was all a part of my goals that I initially told my advisor. I said yes to myself repeatedly by being active on campus. You see, this was the first thing I had done for myself in all my adult life that did not include anyone else. Being a student has been my self-care for two years. Being active on campus has been my service to my community for those two years.    

Sense of Belonging  
I have heard the phrase “sense of belonging” so many times. I have said it myself in both a positive and negative way regarding my experiences in life. What I have learned in speaking with my classmates is there are different perspectives on belonging. What I know to be true is a sense of belonging is not always comfortable, and it cannot be all the time. Belonging is not always easy either sometimes; belonging is exceedingly difficult. As students, it is okay to push ourselves a little past the line we see while keeping our attention on our mental health. I have had many conversations with administrators, faculty, staff, and even the campus police about many topics. I have agreed and disagreed in many areas with these people; it is part of being human. No one will ever agree all the time.

Your Leaders
As you may know, I am the 2022 SOAR student of the year for the Tennessee Board of Regents. The experience of the two-day event is something I wish everyone could experience. To see how many people come from around the state of Tennessee just to be a part of celebrating the Tennessee College System gives you a more comprehensive lens into the role you play. Before this experience, I could see how difficult it can be to be a student at times. It has been difficult for me to be the student I needed to be at times in this process. We do not see how our campus leaders and faculty come from events, meetings, and classes and travel to represent our school. This isn’t something they did just this year but every year. I got the privilege to see VPs and Directors working remotely in lobbies to represent Chattanooga State. They left their families to represent Chattanooga State. Our Leaders had to wait for hours in rooms. Our leaders had to endure loud construction at 8 am to represent our school. All of them belonged to this event, but it was uncomfortable.

No Easy Wins
I have had many classmates say, “I want what you got.” Well, that’s not an easy task to pull off. In 2017 I read a book called “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. I decided to start saying yes to things that year, noticing my life changing. That was a hectic year, as you can imagine. I had a lot of self-talk to get out of bed, go to events, and be intentional with my life. But I never stopped saying yes to things. The book was called the “Year of Yes” for a reason; you can’t keep that same energy. I noticed last year that I needed to slow down a little—not stop but slow down. I am receiving all the things now because I did the work. You must work to get things done to reap the rewards. You also must be okay with looking at yourself to tweak the things about yourself. As I bring this to an end, I want to give you some advice for the ones starting this amazing experience.

  • Always do your best for yourself! 
  • If you say you are going to do something, do it! 
  • Respect other people’s time!
  • Listen more than you talk!
  • Ask questions when you are confused!  

The most important one of all is…. invest in you! Your education will be one of the most important investments of your life; give it your time and dedication. It will pay off every time.

My whole goal coming to this campus was to get this degree and move on.  I did not need anyone to know my name. I just needed to get this done.  I am so grateful that is not all I got out of 4501 Amnicola Hwy. I got an education, but I also learned a great deal about life and connection from this. You cannot do it alone, and you were never meant to.

- Z 


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We are resilient. We are innovative. We are united. We are ChattState. 

Rebecca Ashford, Ed.D.


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