Andrews Reading & Writing Center

Tutoring Options


Make an appointment through our contact numbers.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time.


Make an appointment through our contact numbers.

Students receive an email with a link to their tutor’s virtual meeting room.

Students can log in to TutorTrac up to 15 minutes before their appointment.

Online Essay Drop-Off

Email student writing as a Word document.

Fill out the Online Tutoring Form

A tutor will review the writing and respond to the student’s email with feedback. Please allow 24 hours for feedback.


Schedule an Appointment

1.) Go to TutorTrac Login
2.) Sign in with Tiger ID and password.
3.) Search availability tab (left hand corner).
4.) Choose Center: Andrews Center
5.) Choose Section: indicate which class you are requiring tutoring for.
6.) Choose Location: indicate online (zoom) or in-person.
7.) Click search. Availabilities will populate.
8.) Click on a time and save


Tutors Will...

  • create and maintain a supportive, constructive environment
  • help at any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, or revising
  • discuss assignment requirements and any concerns you have about them
  • help you focus on the most important aspects of an assignment
  • help identify major sentence-level error patterns
  • provide strategies for long-term reading and writing success
  • admit when we don't have the answers, but work hard to find them

Tutors Will NOT..

  • criticize your work or judge your writing skills
  • discuss or predict grades
  • correct sentence-level errors for you
  • complete reading homework or reading notes for you
  • compose sentences or drafts
  • choose your topics or subject matter