Testimonial - Lin Miao

Starting college at Chattanooga State in 2013 was one of my best decisions. It has given me the opportunity to progress in a career in accounting that has positively impacted my life in many ways.

There were many challenges to attend college while working at a low-paying job, especially the financial stress. The First in the Family Scholarship was such a great help-- it allowed me to concentrate on studying and encouraged me to overcome other obstacles. Eventually, I furthered my education, graduated summa cum laude with an accounting bachelor’s degree in 2018, and I earned the designation of Certified Management Accountant in 2019. Currently, I work as the Accounting Manager at Galen Medical Group. I love my job and my team.

I am truly grateful for the First in the Family Scholarship. Without this blessing, it would be hard to imagine where I could be today.