Paying Your Fees Using Pending (Estimated) Aid

How to pay your fees using pending (estimated) financial aid

All Student must pay their fees. Financial aid students have the option of paying their fees using pending aid through the confirmation process.If your financial aid is adjusted for any reason after you pay your fees with pending aid, youmay be responsible for payment of any remaining balance.

Use the options below to pay your fees. If you do not receive a confirmation number after attempting to pay your fees, your financial aid does not cover your fees and the balance must be paid on your account.

NOTE: Students must utilize their TigerWeb account to pay their fees. Students who do not pay their fees by the required deadline each semester will be deleted from classes.

Options To Pay Your Fees

Option 1: Pay your fees and your classes are held
Option 2: Pay your fees utilizing the deferred fee payment plan and your classes are held
Option 3: Financial Aid students that have received their aid for the semester, follow the steps below
Option 4: Financial Aid students with a balance must pay their fees to hold their class schedule.

NOTE: Financial Aid students MUST pay any balance that remains on their account after aid is applied to hold their classes.

Steps To Pay Your Fees:

STEP 1: Access your TigerWeb Self-Service account
STEP 2: Select "Student"
STEP 3: Select "Student Accounts"
STEP 4: Select "Click to Confirm that I will attend (Receive Confirmation Number)"
STEP 5: Select appropriate term
STEP 6: Choose the option that states, "Yes, I will attend..."

If you do not receive a confirmation number and are redirected to a payment screen, check to ensure your financial aid application is complete and posted to your account. If your aid is posted on your account and you have a remaining balance OR you have not completed your application, you must pay your fees from your own resources to hold your class schedule.