Paramedic Application Checklist

Use this Paramedic application checklist as a guide for successfully completing the application process for the college and the Paramedic program. All application materials must be received on or before June 30 of each year (if deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, deadline will be Friday before).

Complete College Enrollment

For consideration of program admittance, you must have completed Chattanooga State enrollment before the program deadline.  If you are not a current student at Chattanooga State, please complete a College application online and choose “Credit Division” then choose “Paramedic”. Successful completion of all admission requirements to Chattanooga State entails:

  • Submitting all official transcripts, vaccination, proof of citizenship, etc.
  • Testing (if applicable)
  • Orientation (if applicable)

Go to the admission status page to check on your admission status.

Once College Enrollment is Complete

If you are currently in the AEMT program: attend a required EMS Information Session to proceed to the Paramedic program.

If you are not currently in the AEMT program: If you are college level and have completed English 1010; go to the required EMS Program Information Session. You will receive important information on the program acceptance process and the steps you will need to be accepted in the Paramedic program:

 Note: If you have completed English 1010, BIOL 2010 & 2020, you are ready to apply to the Paramedic program.

 TEAS Exam:

Take the TEAS exam to see how your composite score calculates to determine if you will have to take BIOL 2010 & BIOL 2020:

  • If the composite score is 50% or above you will be exempted from taking BIOL 2010 or BIOL 2020; you can now apply to the Paramedic program.
  • If composite score is below 50% you need to schedule an appointment with an advisor to complete BIOL 2010 & BIOL 2020 before applying. The TEAS test can be retaken every 6 weeks but no more than 3 times per year. To meet with an advisor call (423) 697-4450 or meet with an EMS faculty member.

 Note: If you have completed English 1010, BIOL 2010 & 2020, you are ready to apply to the Paramedic program.

Program Requirements before Deadline:

  • Must be fully admitted to college
  • Must be college level in reading, math, writing
  • Has completed English 1010; and completed BIOL 2010 & BIOL 2020 or were exempt with 50% or higher on the TEAS test
  • Must attend a required EMS information session
  • Must complete entrance eligibility testing requirements: 1) Paramedic entrance examination and 2) panel interview
  • Submit a copy of your TN AEMT License before beginning Paramedic Program

Submit Program Application and Required Materials

Completed College Enrollment is required before program deadline for consideration of program admittance.

Complete and Print the Paramedic Online Application form and include the following:

  • Copy of your high school transcript or GED Important Note: All previously transcripts sent to Chattanooga State Admissions Office cannot be copied and forwarded to the Nursing & Allied Health Division. Your High School should sent an original to the student to make a copy.
  • Copy of TEAS Results.  View ATI TEAS website for all important details before and after taking the TEAS test or getting a copy of your score.
  • Copy of your TN AEMT License
  • Successful completion of paramedic entrance examination
  • Panel Interview
  • Complete the additional requirements for admittance

Submit Application and Required Materials to:

Chattanooga State Community College
EMS Program, CBIH 139
4501 Amnicola Hwy
Chattanooga TN 37406
Phone: 423-697-3360
Fax: 423-697-3324