Nuclear Medicine Technology - Application Checklist

The Nuclear Medicine Technology application deadline is March 1st. (If this falls on a weekend, the following Monday will be considered the deadline date). Applications received after the deadline will be accepted only if space permits. The program is competitive, and applicants are not guaranteed a place in the class.

Step 1: Complete College Enrollment

For consideration of program admittance, you must have completed Chattanooga State enrollment before the program deadline. If you are not a current student at Chattanooga State, please complete a College application online and choose “Credit Division” then choose “Nuclear Medicine AAS or Certificate”. Successful completion of all admission requirements to Chattanooga State entail:

  • Submitting all official transcripts, vaccinations, proof of citizenship, etc.
  • Testing (if applicable)
  • Orientation (if applicable)

Click here to check your admission status.

Step 2: Meet With an Advisor to Develop Your Academic Plan

Please call (423) 697-4450 to set up an advising appointment. All learning support classes should be completed first (if applicable).

Step 3: Attend an Information Session

It is mandatory that all students attend an information session each academic year, even if they have attended in a previous year. There are two ways to experience a Nuclear Medicine Technology info session, and both are valid for this part of the program's application process.

  1. Attend a live info session, conducted online.
  2. Review the info session material on your own time.

Step 4: Make Sure You Meet All Applicant Requirements            

  • Must be fully admitted to the college before the program's deadline date, March 1st.
  • Must have completed at least 24 observation hours in a nuclear medicine field.
  • Must have completed reference forms.
  • Must maintain a “C” or better in all courses
  • Must have a minimal 2.5 science program GPA and cumulative GPA
  • Must have all prerequisite and general education courses completed before the Fall start of the Nuclear Medicine Technology curriculum. An applicant may apply with incomplete courses, but those MUST be completed before the Fall start of the program. These include:
    • College Chemistry (with a lab)
    • Anatomy and Physiology I and II (with a lab)
    • Written Communication
    • College Algebra or higher math
    • College Physics
    • Humanities Elective
    • Social Science Elective

Step 5: Submit Program Application and Required Materials

Complete the online Nursing and Allied Health application form and mail the following directly to the applications coordinator:

Step 6: Personal Interview

Personal interviews will be scheduled with qualified applicants. Each applicant will be evaluated on the basis of previous high school, college, and clinical experience, as well as their observation hours.

Final applicant selection is based upon recommendation by the NMT Program Selection Committee. Composition of the class will reflect diversity based on age, gender and race.

Step 7: Physical Examination, Drug Screening, and Criminal Background Check.

Final acceptance is contingent upon the results of a physical examination, a drug screening, and criminal background check.