Robert "Bobby" Duff, Jr.

August 11, 2014 | | Student Success

Robert Duff

At age 22 I didn’t think I would be able to go to college and complete my education; but Chattanooga State gave me an opportunity to get started on my journey to success. With my Associate of Applied Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technologies: Automated Controls alone; I am already employed as an applications engineer in my field of study at Tennessee Rand. I was beyond prepared for my career with the many tools and opportunities provided to me at this institution. I have many mentors that have taken a personal interest in my success as an individual. The time I invested at Chattanooga State has been the most rewarding experience I could have asked for; from the valuable knowledge I gained to the connections I built with members of the staff and community. As I currently continue my education at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering I am confident the foundation built in my first degree is a sturdy stepping-stone on my path to success.