Jermichael Campbell - Applied Technology Management

May 9, 2013 | | Student Success

It’s been a long journey for Jermichael Campbell. He’s worked full-time at McKee Foods taking a couple of classes here and there since he graduated from high school in 2002. Jermichael started with a major in marketing, and then took two years off from school. He figured he needed a fall back plan, so he earned a diploma in HVAC from the Tennessee Technology Center in the summer of 2011. When he learned he could transfer the hours he earned at the TTC to the credit side, he jumped at the opportunity. Jermichael says, “The faculty and staff at Chattanooga State treated me like a name and not a number.” He chose Applied  Technology Management as a way to make himself more marketable. His family is both proud and relieved that he has finally earned his associate degree. Although he will continue to work full-time at McKee, Jermichael’s ultimate goal is to earn a degree in human resources.