Thiers, Williams, and McClister Named Chattanooga State 2020-21 Chairs of Excellence

January 12, 2021 | Betty A. Proctor | Internal Press Release

ashley thiers, angela mcclister & brittany williams were named 2020-21 faculty chairs of excellence

Assistant Professor of Journalism Angela McClister along with Registered Nursing program Instructors Ashely Thiers and Brittany Williams were recently named 2020-21 Faculty Chairs of Excellence by Chattanooga State Community College.

Angela McClister is an assistant professor of journalism in the Business Division’s Digital Media Design and Production program. Her primary teaching duties include courses in journalism, social media, and media law. In addition, she serves as faculty adviser to Chattanooga State’s student newspaper, The Communicator, while also serving as State Adviser for the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) Media section.

“Our partnership with Chattanooga State goes back several years in recognizing the wonderful educators at Chattanooga State with this First Horizon Business Chair of Excellence,” states Jay Dale, Market President of First Horizon Bank. “On behalf of First Horizon, we congratulate Angela as the First Horizon Business Chair of Excellence for a second year in a row.”

“Chattanooga State is well known for its outstanding Registered Nursing program and the high quality of its graduates,” notes Rachel Harris, interim senior vice president and chief nursing executive at Erlanger Health System, who adds that Erlanger is proud that Chattanooga State was recently recognized as the top nursing program in the state by Nursing Schools Almanac.

The recipient of the 2020-21 Erlanger Chair of Excellence for Adults was awarded to Ashley Thiers, while the 2020-21 Erlanger Chair of Excellence for Children was awarded to Brittany Williams.

“Both of this years’ recipients of the Erlanger Nursing Chair of Excellence go above and beyond in their daily responsibilities while also focusing on patient safety and continuous quality improvement, and we are proud to be able to honor and support two outstanding nursing educators,” shares Ms. Harris.

The Chattanooga State Foundation Chairs of Excellence program is designed to support and recognize outstanding educators who advance their respective field to their students, the community, and their profession.  “We are incredibly grateful to Erlanger and First Horizon for continuing to support faculty excellence at Chattanooga State,” adds Nancy Patterson, vice president of College Advancement and Public Relations.