ChattState Student Financial Wellness Survey Dates Announced

October 11, 2021 | Betty A. Proctor | Internal Press Release

cartoon man listening to piggy bank wellness

Chattanooga State Community College will be participating in the Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) between October 25 and November 15, 2021. The anonymous survey, administered by the Trellis Company, explores the connection between student finances and academic success. Incentives and pop-up events during this period will be announced to enrolled students soon.

The last Trellis survey administered in 2019 indicated that students worry about paying for their education now and going forward. Many students also have difficulty paying for emergency expenses out-of-pocket, facing the choice of increasing loans or dropping out of school.

“These endeavors are supported by the faculty, staff and foundation of the college,” commented Sandy Rutter, assistant vice president, Student Engagement and Success Support. “The new survey is very important as we consider the impact that COVID has on our students."

Chattanooga State strives to improve the financial wellness of its college students. “In 2019, sixteen percent of Chattanooga State students completed the survey, which reaped rich data that has informed the work we do today,” stated Michell Kilgore, director, Student Support Services.

Over the last several years the College developed support programs such as the Technology Pantry, Tiger Cupboard, and the Helping Hands Fund to assist students in need. The State of Tennessee has made earning a degree more easily obtainable with its Tennessee Promise Scholarship and Tennessee Reconnect Grant, while Chattanooga State has many unique scholarships available to qualified students for assistance with costs to help ensure their success.

For more information, contact the Student Support Center at (423) 697-4483.