Chattanooga State Celebrates Student Excellence Virtually

May 22, 2020 | Betty A. Proctor | Internal Press Release

hats off to excellence

The spring 2020 semester will not soon be forgotten, but despite the challenges created by the pandemic, Chattanooga State Community College paved a virtual way to celebrate student excellence during its annual Hats Off to Excellence ceremony yesterday evening. This year’s ceremony recognizes outstanding students from divisions, departments, clubs, organizations, and for distinguished service and 4.0 grade point averages. To view the ceremony from last night, May 21, 2020, see

4.0 Awards by Division:

  • Allied Health – Jessica Anderson, Kirsten Armstrong, Heather Hall, Bethany Hummer, Rebecca Johnson, Angela Marsee, Bethany Patterson
  • Business - Branson Bowling, Joshua Rowell, Kayley Turney, Jerry Webb
  • Engineering & Information Technologies - Abigail Calfin, Rebecca Gilliam, Christopher Hudson, Christopher Jensen, Anthony Klompien, Timothy Martin, Delwyn Sam, Alexandra Spalding, Wesley Spring
  • Humanities & Fine Arts – Josh Alonso, Tondalaya Bolton, Ashley Demerritt, Thomas Kiser, Asha Mcgowan, Rosemary Reid, Destiny Warner
  • Math & Sciences – Nora Bauer, Kaylee Chisam, Gabriel Dos Reis Correa, Madison Morris, Gesa Nestler, Gary Satin
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences - Alicea Davis, William Lemley, Joseph Malone

Excellence Awards by Division:

  • Jerry Webb, Business
  • Kenneth Coleman, Engineering & Information Technologies
  • Bailey Shetter, Humanities & Fine Arts
  • Kaylee Chisam, Math & Sciences
  • Amy Stewart, Nursing and Allisha Coyne, Allied Health, Nursing & Allied Health
  • Taylor Kline, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Departmental and Related Club Excellence Awards:


  • Jennifer Griffith, Administrative Professional Technology
  • Lori Brinkley, Accounting
  • Darya Goreva, Entrepreneurship
  • Sara Lankford, Tourism Management
  • Latonya Henderson, Hotel Management
  • Charlie Zimmerle, Culinary Arts
  • Courtney Espy, Food and Beverage Management
  • Nicholas Petty, Media Technologies
  • Kaela Burnett, Graphic Arts Technology


  • Perry Elrod, Civil Engineering
  • Reginald Marshall, Construction Engineering Technology
  • Delwyn Sam, Electrical Engineering
  • Gage Plotner, Aerospace Engineering
  • Amanda Harvey, Mechanical Engineering
  • Wesley Spring, Automated Controls
  • Anthony Klompien, Industrial Technology
  • Christopher Jensen, Mechatronics Systems - VW
  • Colton Layne, Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Max Meza, Mechatronics Systems
  • Rebecca Gilliam, Welding Engineering Technology
  • Bernardino Huerta, Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Summer Ramirez, Engineering Systems Management
  • Michael Smith, Non-Destructive Testing
  • Michael Tudor, Mechatronics Technology
  • Patrick Loyd, Programming
  • Evan Orr, Cyber Defense
  • Kenneth Coleman, Networking & Volunteer Member, IT HUB Club
  • Joseph Horesovsky, President, IT HUB Club


  • Hannah Patterson, Music
  • Matthew Hadden, Music Theory
  • Fiona Barrett, Vocal Performance
  • Wendi Tang, Painting
  • Justin Spencer, Photography
  • Megan Matthews, Latino Cultures in the U.S.
  • Rebecca Zagami, Spanish
  • Sandra Scalice, President, Club de Español
  • Robert Steely, Excellent Service, Music Club
  • Jordan Davis, Outstanding Leadership, Music Club


  • Milkayla Skillman, Chemistry
  • Sofia DeCredfico, Mathematics & President, Math Club
  • Gage Plotner, Vice President, Math Club


Meaghan Rachels, Club Service, Veterinary Technology Club


  • Aslynn Price, Behavioral Sciences & Leadership, Psychology Club
  • Kristen Hopper, Social Sciences
  • Jacquelyn Stracener, Early Childhood Education
  • Jake Patterson, Event Planning & Leadership, History Club
  • Alexandra Templeton, Leadership, Psychology Club

Club & Organization Awards:

  • Ambassadors - Phoebe Sevanick; Stephen McCurdy
  • Asian Culture Club – Leanna Harmon; Alyssa Dela Cruz
  • B.O.S.S. (Building Outstanding Service Scholars) – Deshiya Conner; Christiana Long
  • C.AD.R.E. Adult Student Club - Deborah Hale; Bradon Frank
  • Chattanooga State Veteran Club – Dianne Maradiaga; William Flegal
  • IM REC (Intramurals & Recreation) – Stephanie Lopes; Brittany Tiffin
  • LASO (Latin American Student Organization) –Francine Baggi; Natalie Sedeno
  • LIT (Lead Involvement Team) – Julie Ehrenfried; Kijana Gibbs
  • SkillsUSA – Lauren Pearce; Benjamin Furman
  • Tech Club – Chandler Turner; Emmanuel Hodge
  • The Communicator – Noah Browne; Kimberly Merfert
  • Student Government Association – Emanuel Jinks; Ariana Keller

Distinguished Service Awards:

President's Award – Aslynn Price; Katrina Griffin

  • Awardees have made a positive contribution to Chattanooga State Community College through their academic achievements, involvement in campus life, contributions to the campus community, or through their service to the community surrounding Chattanooga State.

Eye of the Tiger – Tiffany Mccaleb; Jessica Pendergraft; Pam Shelton; Aslynn Price; Emanuel Jinks; Erin Stodolak; Keanna Hill

  • Awardees have succeeded while persisting against difficult situations.

Advisor of the Year – Dr. Emily Dunlap, Psychology Club

  • Nominees are made by members of clubs and organizations and then determined by a selection committee comprised of faculty and staff.

Debbie Waggoner Above & Beyond Award – Sheila Gholston

  • The late Debbie Waggoner’s battle with cancer took her from us prematurely, but not before she left her legacy of student advocacy. Debbie worked ardently on behalf of students, and as the award is named, she went “above and beyond” the call of duty.

Club of the Year - C.AD.R.E (Adult Student Club)

  • Only organizations that have achieved “Platinum” status within the Steps to Success rewards program will be eligible to receive the Student Organization of the Year as determined by a selection committee comprised of faculty and staff.