Chattanooga State 2020-21 Faculty Promotions and Tenure Announced

August 5, 2020 | Betty A. Proctor | Internal Press Release

promotions and tenure

The Academic Affairs Division at Chattanooga State Community College recently announced the following faculty promotions and tenure recognitions approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents:

  • Business: Professor – Chris Willis; Associate Professor – Michele Arpin, Jacob Stanford; Tenure – Jeremy Burchfield and Amanda Davis.
  • Engineering & Information Technologies: Professor – Mark Palmer, Jacqueline Smith, John Warren; Associate Professor –Paul Morley, Terry Newman, Noman Saied, Patrick Ward; Assistant Professor – Hanadi Mohamed; Tenure – Rebecca Balch, John Warren.
  • Humanities & Fine Arts: Professor – Allison Fetters, Anna Harrington; Associate Professor – Juan Alonso, Maria Avolio, Julie Barcroft, Joshua Tucker; Assistant Professor – Terry Brown, Mollee Shannon; Tenure – Nicholas Hartline.
  • Math and Sciences: Tenure – Andrew Maginniss.
  • Nursing & Allied Health: Associate Professor – Matt Ragghianti; Assistant Professor – Kelli Squire, Ashley Thiers; Tenure – Yonna Jones, Michele McCarthy, Caroline Rogers, Dawn Steele.
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences: Professor – Lindsay Holland; Associate Professor – Linda Coslett, Liz Norell, Joe Wingate; Assistant Professor – Christopher Gilliland; Tenure – Tanya Henson Brooks, Nancy Schurr, Joe Wingate.

“I congratulate the faculty who have worked hard to earn this milestone promotion. Their dedication to their work, and their students, is a testament to the quality faculty we have at Chattanooga State Community College,” remarked Dr. Elizabeth Norton, vice president for Academic Affairs.

Faculty promotions approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents in the Chattanooga Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) Division include:

  • Senior Instructor: Renee Johnson, Massage Therapy.
  • Instructor: Gene Harr, Mathematics; Joseph Hutchings, Landscape and Turf Management.

“Promotions recognize the great work of these faculty and the superb contributions of all TCAT faculty. We are blessed with outstanding faculty,” said Dr. Jim Barrott, executive vice president of Tennessee College of Applied Technology.