Mrs. Toni Fountain

April 19, 2015 | | Faculty Spotlight

Toni Fountain

Mrs.Toni Fountain

Awarded the Full-Time Faculty Division Excellence Award in Mathematics, Mrs. Toni Fountain is the course developer for MATH-1710 redesign and created instructional videos for the course. She taught a section of the fast track MATH-1710 as well as MATH-1720 in Spring 2015. She is very involved with the department’s Early College Hybrid Online (ECHO) program with local high schools. She chairs the MATH-1030 curriculum team. In order to be adequately prepared for the co-requisite remediation mandated by TBR effective Fall 2015, Mrs. Fountain submitted three course revitalization grants for the department (MATH-0030, MATH-0530, MATH-1030). The grants were funded and the funds were used to compensate faculty who worked extra hours to develop these courses. She serves on the curriculum advisory board with STEM High School and collaborated with a colleague to present the ECHO program at ICTCM (national conference) and TMATYC (state conference). She is a dedicated faculty who always look for ways to improve student success and is never short in ideas on how to improve processes in the Mathematics Department.