Mrs. Jana Herron

April 19, 2015 | | Faculty Spotlight

Jana Herron

Mrs. Jana Herron took the lead in the development of the fully online BIOL-2010 and BIOL-2020 courses. She expended countless hours into developing these online courses that closely mimic the on-ground experience. She created effective videos for students within the courses to assist them in the learning process and further enhance their chance of successful completion of the courses. An initial examination of the grades in these courses is consistent with the rigor of the on-ground experience. In addition, this is a new platform compared to the current publisher and an adjunct faculty has taken the lead in becoming an expert in the software. She consistently has positive student evaluations and online students appreciate her timely, detailed emails, and instructions. The courses she has taught in the Life Sciences Department include online Nutrition, both on-ground and online Anatomy and Physiology I and II, including lecture and lab. She also has served as a guest lecturer for the Forensic Science class. She works well with other instructors to make sure they are providing a consistent environment to support student learning. She became a part-time instructor in August 2008 and since that time she has been a responsible, dedicated instructor. She supports her students and their success while maintaining high expectations of them. Mrs. Herron’s colleagues consider her a pleasure to work with. She is collegial, has a good attitude, and has a gift for teaching. Mrs. Herron, though an adjunct at that time, completed all of these with minimal guidance. She is now a full-time faculty member on tenure track appointment effective Fall 2015.