Michael Holsomback – Assistant Professor/Art

June 11, 2014 | | Faculty Spotlight

Michael Holsomback

Mike Holsomback is a well-known professional artist and dedicated, veteran art department faculty member at Chattanooga State Community College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Professor Holsomback is a productive painter and collage artist, having a considerable regional and national exhibition record. His works have been selected for exhibitions in numerous venues and are found in the holdings of many private, corporate and government collections.

The art work of Professor Holsomback varies from contemplative realistic painted portraits to collage and mixed media paintings marked with postmodern fragmentation, radical juxtaposition, eclecticism and pluralism. The art work of can be viewed at mikeholsomback.com. Born in rural north Georgia, Professor Holsomback was raised within an atmosphere of considerable poverty. But, it is through this veil of poverty, and the illnesses which arise within it, that he has sharpened his vision as a painter. Mike earned a MFA degree in painting in 1989, and began his teaching career shortly thereafter. He continues to live in north Georgia with his wife and a houseful of rescued cats and dogs; teaching, painting and observing the changing world around him.