McClister Named New TISL Media Adviser

February 17, 2017 | | Faculty Spotlight

angela mcclister

Angela McClister has been at ChattState for six years and is currently an instructor of Journalism in the Business Division and adviser to the student newspaper, The Communicator. Before working at ChattState, McClister worked as a producer at WTCI, the PBS station in Chattanooga for five years. Her experience in broadcast journalism allows her to have current insight on the courses she teaches.

McClister is now the new adviser for the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Media section (TISL). TISL is a program that joins college and university students from across the state of Tennessee to learn about the government, law, politics, and policymaking. There are four sections to TISL: legislative, lobbying, media, and judicial. The model legislature meets in the state capitol for four days each year to have an appellate moot court, consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives. The program allows students to participate as judges, lawyers, lobbyists, and members of the media to provide and present legal arguments to the court.

As the media adviser, McClister will provide direction to TISL Media Management, enforce journalistic standards and ethics, aid in General Assembly planning, and work with Jeff Wilson, Executive Director of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Foundation, to ensure continuity of TISL media. TISL Media’s purpose is to advance the mission of TISL by utilizing traditional and social media to educate and involve participants in TISL’s programs and events. TISL is currently working to make their media program a year-round project. McClister will help assist in the establishment of a sustainable year-round media operation plan.