Julie Franklin, Adjunct Biology Instructor

July 8, 2014 | | Faculty Spotlight

Julie Franklin

Julie Franklin joined the Microbiology team in the Life Sciences Department in Fall 2011. With a background as a Medical Technologist she brings years of clinical experience and a strong healthcare emphasis to lab instruction. She is instrumental in improving assessment in laboratory classes by assisting with the creation of pre-lab quiz questions and helping with the development of a workable way for assessing students’ work ethic in the laboratory. Julie has also shared ideas for making Microbiology lab instructional materials better organized and more student-friendly. In addition to being clinically focused and student oriented, she is reliable, accessible, and always prepared. She has provided dependable service and has been an invaluable asset through her many contributions in teaching Microbiology lecture and laboratory classes. Julie Franklin received the Adjunct Faculty Division Excellence Award in the Sciences.