Evelyn M. Mobley, Ph.D.

April 19, 2015 | | Faculty Spotlight

Evelyn Mobley

Dr. Evelyn Mobley engages in one-on-one mentoring/development of individualized study plans for struggling A&P students. She participated in QEP (W.E. Succeed) development /pilot. She serves as a member of Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA), which is now the Faculty Center Committee. She worked on the implementation of Argos and AIM for SLO assessment. She collaborates with Hamilton County STEM School. Dr. Mobley was a 2013-14 Maxine Smith Fellow (Her project analyzed use of Argos for assessing SLOs in Anatomy and Physiology I & II courses.) She authored 2013-14 A&P Revitalization Grant and upon funding piloted the grant project with two colleagues. She serves as the A&P Coordinator effective 2014-15. Additionally, she authored a successful application for funds to purchase A&P models to be made available in the Chattanooga State Library for student study and review. She was the 2014-15 Faculty Senate Vice-President. Dr. Mobley has positively impacted her students and her discipline, department, division, and the College in many ways. This award is just a small token to celebrate all she has done and achieved.

The Maxine Smith Fellows Program is a prestigious Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) initiative conceived under the Geier Consent Decree. The purpose of the Maxine Smith Fellows program is to provide professional development opportunities for African-American TBR employees. Dr. Mobley's process was mediated by Dr. Hewlett and the nomination to the selection committee came from Dr. Catanzaro. Qualified applicants are individuals who demonstrate leadership potential. As part of this 10 month fellowship, Dr. Mobley had the opportunity to observe senior level administration. This opportunity includes more than an explanation of the individual’s position; it includes the day to day operations, decision making process and issues facing higher education, as well as policy decisions at the institutional, state and national level. Moreover, Dr. Mobley built a relationship with her mentor, Dr. Janet Smith, President of Columbia State Community College. As her mentee, Dr. Mobley was exposed to Columbia State’s institution, policies, standards and Dr. Smith’s leadership style and abilities. The opportunity with the Maxine Smith Fellows Program has broadened Dr. Mobley's perspective and provided experiences beyond her role as an Associate Professor in the Math and Sciences division. Nearing the end of the fellowship, she had the opportunity to develop, write and orally present a project. Tentatively, her project involved best practices for the assessment of student learning outcomes, which is imperative for an institution’s accreditation. For faculty, this has the potential to enhance course changes placing an emphasis on data driven continuous improvement. This experience has been life changing and she felt fortunate to have been selected for this honor.