Dr. Azar Raiszadeh, Professor of Mathematics

July 8, 2014 | | Faculty Spotlight

Azar Raiszadeh

In addition to doing an exemplary job in teaching her assigned classes, Dr. Azar Raiszadeh was in charge of Learning Support (LS) Math 0810 and 0820 courses over the last several semesters. She did an outstanding job in organizing and reorganizing the courses and chairing the Math Redesign Committee. The two LS Math 0810 and 0820 courses are the courses being taught as high school Bridge Math at high schools in the Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) Tennessee initiative funded by Governor Haslam. Dr. Raiszadeh lead the Math 1530 course for College Within a College (CWC) now known as Global Scholars program in Fall 2013. She and her colleagues, Dr. Anita Polk-Conley, and Dr. Jianfeng Zhang incorporated hand-on life experiences into the course contents thus making the course more interesting and challenging to students with high achievement capabilities enrolled in the class. Additionally, she lead the group of faculty that completed a grant proposal and received funding to work on the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) initiated Course Revitalization initiative. Dr. Raiszadeh and a group of faculty will integrate Math 0820 into Math 1530 in 2014-2015. Her colleagues deem her as a hard working member of the Mathematics Department and Division of Mathematics and Sciences; she deserves to be recognized for volunteering for almost everything. Dr. Raiszadeh received the Full Time Faculty Division Excellence Award in Mathematics.