David Wollert, Associate Professor of Biology

July 8, 2014 | | Faculty Spotlight

David Wollert

David Wollert has contributed enormously in many different ways to Life Sciences Department, M & S Division, and the College since he came aboard as a full time faculty in 2008. He taught a greater diversity of courses per semester than any of his colleagues in Life Sciences during his first year, however, he has since settled into teaching Microbiology for which he developed an on online version of the lecture; he taught that online lecture in Spring 2014. Also, teaches Human Biology which he has restructured extensively and for which he takes on responsibility for all lab preparations. He is an outstanding and accessible instructor with very high positive student evaluation. He uses visually beautiful, well-organized PowerPoint slides along with clear, thought-provoking explanations to communicate course content to students thus challenging their minds and intellect beyond the ordinary. As a way to stimulate his students he includes stories of famous scientists in his pedagogy both to capture students’ attention and to help students realize scientists are real people. Through group projects he incorporated into the General Biology course his students have contacted and remotely interviewed practicing scientists. By these actions he empowers his students to aspire to think like and perhaps even become scientists themselves in the future. David Wollert serves as a member of the College’s Fellows Committee and is currently a member of the College’s Technology Mobilization Committee. He co-chaired the Assessment In the Majors (AIM) Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO) assessment initiative last year and currently serves as one of the two Team Leaders for AIM’s Critical Thinking group. In Spring 2014 he is creating faculty and staff development activities for our Division through his coordination of TED Talk lunch sessions on Friday afternoons. In summary, David is a consummate professional and has contributed a great deal to his students, colleagues, and the College. He received the Full Time Faculty Division Excellence Award in the Sciences.