Math Competitions

TMATYC State Contest

TMATYC TMATYC is a state-wide annual Math contest held by the Tennessee Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (TMATYC). All students currently enrolled in a two-year college in Tennessee who have not yet received an A.A. or an A.S. degree or higher are eligible to compete. Students may enter only one of five levels of competition, Developmental Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus A, Calculus B, and Statistics. TMATYC awards prizes to the first three places in each contest level, and certificates to the top 10 places in each level.

The AMATYC Student Math League Contest

AMATYC This nationwide math contest is administered within two-year colleges. It is a two-part contest, with round 1 occurring in the Fall semester and round 2 occurring in the Spring semester. The content of the test is primarily algebra. The student who finishes in top place in the nation for round 1 and 2 combined scores wins a full scholarship to complete his/her baccalaureate degree at any university. At Chattanooga State, all students are eligible to participate. We also give cash prizes to the top three place scorers of round 1 and 2 combined.

CAMTA Middle School Math Contest

The CAMTA contest is a very popular venue for students from private and public middle schools (grades 6 - 8) in the area to demonstrate their knowledge of math. Students take an hour-long exam of basic through challenging questions at their grade level without the use of a calculator. While the students are enjoying snacks and entertainment after the exam, proctors grade the exams and rank the scores, sometimes breaking tied scores with tie-breaker questions. Before the students leave, trophies are awarded to the first-, second-, and third-place finishers at each grade level. Naturally, students take great pride in placing in the contest, but it is also a matter of school pride. Having a classmate place in the contest is better than a pep rally! It is a day of great fun and math enthusiasm.