Foreign Language Education A.S. General Transfer

Foreign Language Education A.S. General Transfer

Foreign Language

The foreign language department offers classes in French, Spanish and German. Students who pursue the study of a language other than English have an unlimited array of career options to choose from. Translators are needed in health care, human resources, the federal government, the military, and tourist agencies.

In addition, Medical Spanish (SPAN 1002) and Special Topics (SPAN 2990) such as Introduction to Spanish Literature, Spanish Fieldwork and Advanced Conversation are available upon demand.

Foreign Language Education

This program option is designed specifically for students who plan to pursue a career teaching a foreign language, specifically in French, Spanish and German.

New Students

All new students to Foreign Languages at Chattanooga State are invited to take the WebCAPE placement test, to assess their current level and provide an opportunity to test up to a course more in line with their skills. The test is available at any computer with an internet connection. Students choosing to take it will pay a $10 fee at the time of registering online for the test. Read more information about the WebCAPE Exam


If a student has completed two or more years of Spanish, French or German, that student is encouraged to take the CLEP exam in order to gain advanced placement and certified credit for the courses exempted. Interested students should contact the Testing Center. For general information, please go to