Early Childhood Education AST (Pre K-3) TTP

Early Childhood Education AST (Pre K-3) TTP


Tania Henson-Brooks, Program Director for Early Childhood Education

“Building the foundation for a full career in the Early Childhood profession”

In the state of Tennessee, students must complete a four-year degree to become a licensed teacher for PreKindergarten through Third Grade classrooms. Therefore, the Chattanooga State Early Childhood faculty have developed an AS General Transfer degree advising pathway which satisfies Chattanooga State’s AS Degree requirements for graduation, and also prepares students for entry into various four-year College of Education programs in our region and across the state. This pathway is altered slightly to accommodate each four-year university’s requirements, so meeting with an Early Childhood advisor early and often is very important.

Many careers in Early Childhood requiring four-year degrees don’t actually require teacher licensure. In fact, most of those based outside of the classroom do not! The Early Childhood faculty have also developed advising pathways using the AS General Transfer Degree as a foundation for students who will transfer on to Child & Family Studies, Early Care & Education, Human Ecology, or Child Development degrees. These pathways are adjusted to best fit each university’s expectations, so it is very important to meet with an Early Childhood advisor early and often.

Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA)

The Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) is a statewide program that provides free training and academic tuition support to childcare providers and administrators. The program offers a free 30-hour Orientation with instruction in five areas. For more information please visit Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance.