Business & Industry Training

Chattanooga State’s Workforce Development team is here to provide training solutions addressing skill gaps, productivity issues, staff development, and strategic planning.   

Customized Solutions

Skilled workforce is essential to business success. Chattanooga State has years of experience working with small and large businesses to explore current state of the workforce and plan short term and long term training needs.  We can assist in pre-employment assessment, onboarding, gap analysis, training development, delivery, process improvement, and more.  We provide our service on site, at our multiple campus locations, or at another convenient location.

  • Expect high quality, quick response, great results from our training programs.
  • Training is an investment on the most important asset of every company, people!

Location: You Decide When and Where

When: We will train when you need it; First shift, Second shift, Third shift or Weekends
Where: Chattanooga State, Your Site or a Third-Party Site

  • Main, Dayton, and Kimball campuses
  • We will train at your facilities no matter where they are located; in town, in-state, out-of state, even out-of-country!
  • We will arrange training space at a facility in a location of your choice.

High Quality and Results

Expect High Quality

Our customized training programs are developed and tailored for every corporate partner.

  1. Your program meets your company's specific objectives
  2. Content that is customized to the education level, experience and interests of your attendees
  3. Experienced, credentialed, instructors are chosen from our current roster of 500+ professionals
  • The money for the two hours of weekly coursework is well spent.

Productivity and Quality Training

Learning the principles behind improving productivity and quality in an operation are key to the success or failure of a business. Chattanooga State provides training to help in these key areas, including Six Sigma, ISO standards, and Statistics.

  • This is an investment in our people and future. Our growth plan says we need more people to take on challenges.