August 26, 2022

Dear Chattanooga State Community,

At ChattState, our purpose is to empower you to learn without limits. To that end, we provide a range of services that will help you meet your academic goals--from tutoring to career services and everything in between. In addition, we all know sometimes you may need additional support with life issues outside of the classroom—like transportation, food, and dealing with stress.

Check out the Career Services information below. The amazing team in Career Services can assist you from your first day on campus to the day you walk across the stage, diploma in hand, and beyond!

As always, tutoring is an excellent way to meet your academic goals.

Student Resources

Career Services

We understand that the ultimate goal for most of our students is to find gainful employment. Career Services offers everything needed to aid in the career decision process such as career inventories and interpretation, research tools, individual guidance and much more. As a student nears graduation, Career Services assists them with job search planning, resume preparation, interviewing techniques, and the selection of proper interview attire. Every Chattanooga State student is encouraged to take advantage of these valuable services before embarking on a job search.

That’s not all, career services can help you find a job while you are taking classes, help you get clarity about your major, and how to work towards the job you want in the future.

Join Career Services August 30 for their Part-time Job Fair outside of the Student Center.

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We have tons of resources to help you complete your goals from academic support to general support. Tutoring is an important service that can help you succeed in your classes. From writing to math tutoring and many subjects in between, we can help you pass or ace your classes.

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Need Volunteer Hours for TN Promise?

Do you need to get volunteer hours to keep your TN Promise scholarship? The United Way of Greater Chattanooga (UWGC) has an opportunity for you! On September 16 and 17, UWGC will hold Impact Days. You can sign up to volunteer as an individual or bring some friends and make it a fun day of giving back as a group.


Rebecca Ashford, Ed.D.