Arts A.A. University Parallel

Arts A.A. University Parallel

Art Appreciation and Art History

Art is among the most powerful, moving and sublime creations of any civilization. Few endeavors can equal the importance of great artwork in capturing who we are as human beings. Art can provide aesthetic beauty, move and inspire, and change our perceptions of the world all at the same time.

Drawing and Painting

Classes in beginning to advanced study of Drawing and Painting are hands-on, engaging, and taught in an open, creative, and fun learning environment by a dedicated faculty of professional artists. The Foundations: Drawing Program provides students with transferable, core to advanced instruction in drawing. Program content involves line and value studies with a variety of media, placing emphasis on observation and accurate spatial and proportionate rendering. The human figure, still-life objects and landscape are explored. The Foundations: Painting Program provides students with core to advanced instruction in oil and acrylic painting. The program curriculum focuses on color properties and relationships; brushwork and paint application. Students explore multiple techniques and tools of painting, as well as the history and traditions of painting. Students often continue their study of drawing and painting at Chattanooga State well beyond program requirements, achieving a level of superior craftsmanship and professionalism. Most program courses are offered both day and night in order to accommodate working students. Come join us!.


The fine ceramics program is built on a foundation that is focused on design and creative hand building, glazing and wheel throwing. Classes in beginning to advanced study of ceramics are hands-on, engaging and taught in an open, creative and fun learning environment by a dedicated faculty of professional artists. In order to accommodate working students, most courses are offered both day and evening.


Courses in the photography program acknowledge the history and tradition of the medium while exploring ways that technology is helping to shape its future. The emphasis is on student learning and begins by building core skills with the camera. The use of state-of-the-art labs, both wet (darkrooms) and dry (digital) to enhance the student's unique aesthetic are employed. The faculty routinely exhibits and publishes their unique work.


The sculpture program offers courses in stone carving and outdoor sculpture fabrication. Stone carving courses focus on the direct method of carving alabaster and soapstone requiring the use of hand, electric and pneumatic tools. Outdoor sculpture fabrication teaches principles of metal sculpture based on the fundamentals of public art. The course includes designing art for public areas and the metal fabricating of the artwork.

For information about the Art Department see Visual Arts department website.