Work Study Job Listing

Student Employment Guide

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a federal need-based financial aid program designed to provide part-time employment to eligible students in positions both on and off campus. Off-campus positions are located in community service related organizations that are pre-approved through the Financial Aid Office. The FWS program has limited funds and is a first-come, first-serve program. At the beginning of every aid year, positions will become available by July 1st, students will need to view open positions and contact the supervisor for an interview. If you are selected, the supervisor will contact the Financial Aid Office for approval and submit a student employment contract to your Chattanooga State email for you to electronically sign. Returning FWS students must contact their current supervisor if they are seeking a position within their office for the upcoming school year. That supervisor will determine job vacancies in their area and communicate with the Financial Aid Office in regards to student eligibility. If chosen and eligible, students will be notified via TigerWeb and would be required to complete an updated student employment contract.

Add a Position
Department Supervisor Department Contact Positions Position Description Status
Human Resources Robbin Robinson 423-697-2443 1

FWS Position (Personnel Clerk)

Humanities & Fine Arts Vickie Brown 423-697-5504 1

FWS Position (Office Assistant)

Humanities & Fine Arts/Music Vickie Brown 423-697-5504 2

FWS Position (Music Lab/Office Assistant)

Library Cathy (Bell) Aslinger 423-697-2457 1

FWS Position (Library Archives)

Library Cathy (Bell) Aslinger 423-697-2457 2

FWS Position (Tech Services and Library Archives)

Library Cath (Bell) Aslinger 423-697-2457 5

FWS Position (Library)

Marketing Betty Proctor 423-697-2432 1

IWS Position (Marketing Assistant) 

Math Angelina Blevins 423-697-4711 8

FWS/IWS Position (Peer Mentor)

Math Angelina Blevins 423-697-4711 7

FWS/IWS Position (Tutor)

Math Angelina Belvins 423-697-4711 6

FWS Position (Front Desk)