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FWS Position (Copy and Print Center)

Department: Copy and Print Center
Supervisor: Roger Shipley
Department Contact: 423-697-5567
Positions: 2
Status: Closed

Position Description

Position Summary
  • FWS Position (Copy and Print Center)
Typical Duties and Responsibilities

Provide assistance to students who need help printing to the self-serve desktop printers and those needing color prints.

Bind books that are produced in the department. Spiral / Plastic, Tape, ACCO binding are what we provide.

Deliver paper to various departments.

Help with printing large format posters and mount posters onto foam core when requested.

Laminate on pouch laminator or the larger roll laminator.

Stuff envelopes for mailings.

Misc. duties in the department such as sweeping and removing full recycle bags of paper to the hallway.

Required Qualifications

Reliable and able to stay on a schedule determined by the Director and student's free time between classes.

Work one on one with students who need either color copies or black copies produced.

Learn basic bindery requirements and apply where needed.

Work Experience

Basic computer operation of both Mac and PC.

Basic work experience.

We ask our students to be willing to learn the essentials of work that is performed in the Copy and Print Center and be able to apply that throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Preferred Qualifications

Basic knowledge of computer software. This includes Office, Adobe Suite, and printing of documents to various printers.

Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is preferred.

Previous experience in the Copy and Printing environment. This includes the use of our power paper cutter.

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

We occasionally deliver 40 lbs. boxes of paper to various departments around campus. Some are in other buildings. This delivery requires lifting the boxes onto a dolly or two wheeler. Most deliveries can be made when two students are available, so the delivery is made easier by two students working together.

Most students will print self-serve and will not require assistance. However, there will be times when students will need assistance with self-serve.

Color printing is not self serve and requires either Printing staff or student workers to send jobs to the large color printer for the customer. Learning this process will be necessary.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Work Characteristics

The primary characteristic needed with our student workers is to be willing to be at work at the time agreed upon at the beginning of the semester.

Students who are willing to learn the Printing environment and apply that knowledge throughout the semester are most able to help not only the department, but also their fellow students who will need printing, binding, and help with other misc. projects.

We like to provide a positive working environment for students, faculty and staff who need our services. Student workers who also share this desire will fit in our working environment.