SGA (Student Government Association)

What Are We?

SGA​ is the Student Government Association which is the voice of the student body. Our mission is to provide an official forum where student opinion can be expressed; enact quality programs that serve the general welfare of all Chattanooga State students; promote high-quality education and educational opportunities for all students served by the college; actively participate in the governance of the college; and provide support to campus clubs and organizations.

What Events Do We Hold?

SGA holds a Cabinet Meeting from 12pm - 1pm once every month during the semester. To see the dates of the Cabinet Meetings please follow the link to our ChattSync page: StudentGovernmentAssociation

Want To Be Apart Of SGA?

Then run to be President or Vice President with the form listed in the Documents section of the SGA page on Chattsync! 


To learn more about SGA please read our Constitution below.

SGA Constitution