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Child Development Center - Pandemic Response Plan

These required and suggested Reopening plans come from:

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
TN Association for Children’s Early Education "Best Practice for Open Childcare Programs"
Tennessee Child Care licensing
and Tennessee Board of Regents.

Hours of Operation

The Child Development Center will be temporarily changing its hours. Due to CDC guidelines for Child Care Centers our hours of operation for the Child Development Center will be 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. 

Limiting Persons in the Child Care Center

The Child Development Center will be limiting the people in the facility. Only those with legal authority will be allowed in the building, such as, Licensing Agents, Officers of the Law, and Child Protective Services. Parents will only be allowed in the building under extenuating circumstances.


Parents will still be required to pay on the first of the month. Online payments only will be accepted at this time. Visit the CDC main page to pay online.

Pick Up / Drop Off

A Pick up/Drop Off station will be curbside at the Child Development Center. Parents will call the front desk of the Center and a staff member will come out to pick up the child.  When a parent is ready to pick up their child, the parent will call the Center and a staff member will bring the child out to the car.  We ask that parents try to have the same parent drop off and pick up each time.  Parents will need to make arrangements to allow additional time for pick up and drop off.


All staff, children, and parents will be screened when coming to work or dropping off their child. Everyone will be ask a series of COVID-19 questions before gaining admittance to the Center. Each person’s temperature will be checked with a touchless thermometer. If anyone has a temp of 100.4 or above they will not be allowed in the facility.

Limiting Class Size

The Center for Disease Control is recommending class size ratios stay low with 2 teachers. All classrooms except the Infant Room will be condensed to 2 teachers and no more than 10 children. The teachers will have the same children every day. The Child Care Center will be limiting the mix of children, as much as possible.  The Infant Room will stay at 2:6 ratio for this time period. There will be 4 classrooms open, 2 teachers to 10 children. The children will switch classrooms each week so the other classrooms can be detail cleaned in the off week. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All staff will be required to wear a face covering.  All parents will be required to wear a face covering when picking up or dropping off their children.  Children ages 2.5 and up will be ask to wear a mask. The parent may provide this mask. The Center will provide the child with a mask if the parent does not supply one. The Center will wash the masks in their facility at the end of each day. The children will not be asked to wear the mask during outside time, mealtimes, or naptime. Children under 2.5 will NOT wear any face coverings. Teachers working with infants and toddlers will be asked to also wear smocks over their clothing for extra protection from bodily fluids.  Staff members and children will need to have a separate pair of shoes that is brought and left at the center for school use. There will be a shoe changing/sanitation area in the front office area.

Sick Children

Children who show a sign of being sick such as constant cough, hard time breathing, rash, or fever of 100.4 and above will be removed from the group and put in an isolation area with the Director or Assistant Director.  The parent will be called and asked to pick up the child immediately.  Staff working with the sick child will need to have PPE on as well.  The child will not be allowed to return to the center until medical clearance has been given by the child’s medical provider.

Sick Staff Member

Staff who show a sign of being sick or have a temperature of 100.4 and above will be asked to leave and seek medical attention.  The staff member will not be able to return until medical clearance has been given by the staff member’s medical provider. 

Implementing Strategies to Continue Education

Toys:  Any items that cannot be wiped down or washed will not be used in the classroom.  Classrooms will be rotated each week so classes can receive a deep disinfecting.  If a classroom has an item that needs to be disinfected they will set them outside the door for the custodian or staff to clean.  Toys children have put in their mouths will be put in a bucket and cleaned by hand using soapy water and a disinfectant.  Some toys may be able to be washed in the dishwashers.  Toys will need to be taken out of rotation for cleaning.  There will not be any area spaces where toys are shared with other classrooms (such as, upfront area, screened-in porch).

Meals: Children will continue to have their meals in their classrooms.  All meals will be placed on the classroom windows for the teachers to serve.  There will be a chair space between each child while at the table.

Naptime: Children will NOT wear face coverings during nap.  Children will be spaced 6 ft. apart from each other or a solid barrier between them.  All bedding will be placed in each child’s own bag when not in use.  The bedding will be washed every 3 days or when bodily fluids are on them.


Teachers will report to work 10 minutes early to be screened and prepare to receive children at their scheduled time.  Teachers must wear masks at all times while with the children or in community areas.  Teachers will stay on campus for their lunch break to help reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Teachers may be assigned to another group of children than they were previously with before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Plan if Someone Gets Sick

COVID-19 Case

Notification: Parents and staff will be notified if there is a COVID-19 case in the Center.  The Center will follow Health Department and CDC guidelines on how to disinfect the building.  

Disinfecting / Cleaning: The Center will be shut down immediately for a minimum of 72 hours.  No one will be allowed to clean for the first 24 hours to allow the respiratory droplets to settle.  The College will then take over for the detailed cleaning according to the CDC and Health Department Guidelines. 

Parent Check list:

Parents will need to make sure their child has the following items when returning to Child Care on June 1st:

  • Pair of shoes to be left at the Center
  • 2 changes of clothing (labeled with their names)
  • Naptime lovelies for school use only (items must remain at school)
  • If applicable: diapers, wipes, and formula